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The SEERS virus incoming

The SEERS virus incoming

Don Bradley

The Edomite Nephilim phreaks have created an end game strategy to make their NWO one world, one phreak leader, reality a reality.

Welcome to SEERS.

Websters defines a SEER as:

  • one that practices divination especially by concentrating on a scrying glass (mirror. DB) or crystal globe;
  • one who sees.

What’s interesting is that when the Night Terrors try to jailbreak the human host, the person can usually “see” them. Sometimes not. So, this cute virus tag actually reveals a great deal. 

Sorcery and Clairvoyance – the SEERS virus.

Just like the covid scam (a made up word) that is really the phonetic reverse (satanic bible ten commandments of writing and speaking in reverses) of Dybbuk. Which is Hebrew for DEMON.

They are staying true to occult form, in every way. And I am just this day, looking deeply into this matter. 

Yeah. They said Event 201 was fictional until 2 months later, when China vaxxed their entire population and we watching people keel over dead – FROM THE VAX WEAPON.