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Have a good day

Have a good day

Don Bradley

A nice notion; a pleasant way to say goodbye, right? 

Sounds legit.

Talmudic Canaanites to this day have used this phrase of parting or greeting to commemorate the great slaughters of antiquity, in which they performed their depredations upon a village, town, city, or nation. Bathing in the blood of the nearly dead, this is what they SHOUT.

They’ve turned it into the most commonly said phrase used today.

Remarkable, isn’t it? How ALL the isms, slangs, etc of our time have some reality in the dark side and their hatred of anything that isn’t satanic/demonic. They used one of their most evil actors, Tom Hanks, to sell it further still and mocking both us, the goy, and YHVH, by so doing. 

Have a nice day.

This began, when Canaanite Persian Esther betrayed a king on one of the early slaughter of the innocents upon that land was perpetrated through deceit. They celebrate that with a NON BIBLICAL feast called PURIM. From that time till now, that has been there coded go to catch phrase whenever they slaughter any goy under any circumstance, either the individual or the nation. Esther is the only book in the bible that does not mention Adonai (God).

What it means.

It is a coded word that the person’s day–that day–have the death of a goy or non Canaanite’s blood on their hands. That’s how sick these creatures are. What can you expect from the bloodline of Lucifer, after all. Now that the Canaanites have attained such enormous economic and political power in the United States, they have instructed all of their gentile employees in the vast networks of retail grocery, drug and apparel stores which they own throughout the the world that they must greet each customer by saying, Have a good day. It’s practically codified into retail operations and in fact, when there is customer contact of any kind, that’s how employees are instructed to end contact. As they do, to one another.

When reading rabbinical literature, as I do to get what they are on about from time to time, they have entire chapters, from certain rabbis going way back, dedicated to how delicious and wonderful the slaughter of the goyim is for them. It’s some pretty sick stuff. Not only does this not phase them in the least, it is in fact, a huge part of their reality and from the days of Carthage and earlier.

Mullins has this to say about it.

“Today, the dark shadow of imminent tragedy looms over every Christian,because of their fear of the Canaanites, and because of their instinctive knowledge, like penned cattle in a slaughterhouse, that the Canaanite intends to kill them for his profit.”

Can anyone say, VAX WEAPON MURDER?

It’s one we’ve learned at some cost, have we not?

Isn’t it time to come out of Babylon, in every way? Stop using their words, like vaccine and replace with the truth of the thing, weapon. When they say mask mandate; we say satanic trans ritual(yep.) When they say lock down, the truth is imprison. For that is what we are being conditioned for; endless imprisonment. First of the mind, then of the body. Remember, it’s a psyop war at first; then the bullets and bombs and raids.

They conceal with words; we reveal with truth.

There it is.


This is what they have done to our world and we are “tolerant” of it or be destroyed. That’s how they do. Oh, and have a nice day, right? Right?