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less than tolerant liberals against free speech, on Wednesday night hundreds of protesters at University of California in Berkeley smashed windows, set fires and clashed with police as they forced a controversial “alt-right” speaker to cancel his appearance at the fascist-leaning institution.

So called liberals are actually violent, hate filled fascists intent on causing harm to anyone who disagrees with them. So

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In defiance of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Starbucks – the employee abusing, non-organic Milk using, GMO Peddling, TPP Table Sitting, Ethiopian farmer screwing coffee company has decided to try it’s hand at “Conscious Capitalism” by announcing a plan to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next 5 years – depriving jobs to 10,000 citizens across the globe.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks and Trump have been at odds; Trump’s relationship with the coffee company is complicated,

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