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Perceiving Reality

Perceiving Reality

Don Bradley July 2021

People still see reality in terms of nations, countries, political parties, left vs right, and on and on and on. This makes perfect sense given our education, awareness, and level of understanding. We develop natural affinities in one direction or another (identity politics) and declare ourselves this or that. Our entire self image is built upon these badges of identity. People gravitate to those groups that they feel or perceive an affinity for and with.

This is of a truth.

It’s perfectly normal and natural to do so.

But, it is also a cage of illusion.

What many do not realize nor are they aware, the enemy (and that enemy is the enemy of Almighty God, YHVH, our Elohim) never sees reality that way. They know. The truth of Earth makes Identity Politics the existential lie that it is.

They use this natural feature of ID affinity to divide us, lie to us, AND MANIPULATE US.

There are only two real realities. One, a beast system that is empowered by the Dark Fallen Ones and their perceived allies. The other is the Creator and His creation and children.

These are the REAL two groups of earth.

Amongst themselves, they act, function, and work with this great awareness as a matter of course. A fact of reality. It is we who still cling to the outward illusions of race, party, country, and traditions. Even if these outward symbols or badges are in and of themselves GOOD THINGS, they are constantly being used against us to keep us in that US VS THEM modality.

And who is US and who is THEM?

In their engineered reality of perception, they have US fighting OURSELVES as perceived THEMS.

This must stop. Until we see things as they really are, they will always have the advantage.

I gather we are too far away from that for it to help us until it is far too late.

Far too late…


If you want to see a big display of just what is being stated here, go to any site, such as Citizens Free Press or Breitbart, etc, etc, etc. The entire THEME of these sites is IDENTITY POLITICS.