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Latest BS on the weapon deaths

Today, like most days, the disinformation campaign on weapon deaths is making the rounds. Alleged CDC whistle blowers. What a load. 

First, if you had a real whistle blower, you would never announce it, because they would be instantly KILLED.

Second, the moment any email or sms exchange occurred, they would be DEAD. Instantly. Same day.

Some say 90k or 900k.

It’s neither.

This is disinformation. The real numbers? 

8.5 million in the US alone.

You are not required to believe it. But the grave yards out in the hinterlands are dumping bodies night and day, night and day. Can’t get pics of it because of “security cordoned.”

We need someone with a good drone to get the footage and the ability to live stream before he gets killed off. That’s right. It would be a suicide mission and no one has it to do so.