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Satanic phag politicians husband (Paul Pelosi) gets beat up by his prostitute and tries to blame it on political enemies

What happened was, Pelosi’s husband Paul, routinely hires gay prostitutes to sexually abuse and be abused; he uses a gay commune for his whores. It got violent and the whore tried to get away. When the whole thing blew up in his face, Pelosi phag did a JUSSIE SMOLLETT and claimed it was a TRUMP SUPPORTER SCREAMING THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY.

In short, defect Paul, Nancy’s husband, little brain could only repeat the SMOLLETT hoax and ran with it, knowing at election time this is the worst possible thing to happen to the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and the satanic freaks in power. Even Sniffy weighed to try and minimize the damage. Among the Elite, being gay and lesbian is a given, being that THEY ARE ALL SATANIST WITCHES.


The MSM, FBI, White House all immediately began to spread the MAGA narrative and plant manifestos (easily done by the intel devils) on prostitutes facebook and other social media, deleting all his prostitute stuff and WHAT HE CHARGES to even do fellatio.


The narrative is that Paul Pelosi was attacked by a right wing MAGA Trump Supporter, right when 

  • the elections 
  • the Twitter distraction
  • Trump narrative again
  • MANIFESTO (an FBI trademark for setting up a patsy)
  • and New Moon

synchronize. The claim all over the CIA/MSM is that some MAGA guy attacked him after breaking in through french doors by busting in the glass with a hammer. But there’s a problem. THE FACTS. 

Glass on outside. Gay lover who was unusually beaten more severely, was TRYING TO GET OUT, NOT GET IN.
  • Pelosi had the hammer, not his gay prostitute.
  • The glass is on the outside, which means the alleged perp(perp’s house mate’s all say he is Pelosi’s paid sexual lover) was TRYING TO GET OUT.
  • Alleged perp was in HIS UNDERWEAR, meaning he was undressed and was obviously TRYING TO GET AWAY from a psychopath.
  • When the police showed up, perp (David) thanked them for saving him.
  • Police had been routinely called there for DOMESTIC DISPUTE between Paul Pelosi and gay prostitutes many times before. 
  • When police arrived PELOSI had the hammer, not the prostitute.
denies knowing the gay whore, then gives his name? Wow.
  • Housemates of whore gay guy all say that PELOSI is a well known violent Fem who routinely beats gay guy with the hammer.
Well known gay pickup site for young fem boy prostitutes.