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The Wrong Solution

The Wrong Solution

Don Bradley 5-23-21

A vax weapon vic (victim) that has realized the truth regarding the kill shot inoculation is under the most intense and severe stress beyond imaginings. They understand now that

  • nanobot worms are taking over the body, building things everywhere,
  • the MRNA gene splicer is genetically changing them,
  • they were given near lethal doses of toxins and heavy metals that would put to the test even the most stout immune systems.

It stands to reason that their suffering is immense. Emotional, physical, mental, even spiritual is under extreme tension. All at once, too.

For them, it seems hope is gone, never to show its face again.

I understand. Completely. I’ve been at that altar of despair many times, when the gangstalkers, seized accounts for the fifth time, being poisoned, shot at, and implanted and living, again, in my truck. It all seemed too, too much. Having to watch an implant move around under a son’s skin as it died from a neo mag has a deep effect upon a parent.

The place vax vics are in seems hopeless.

But, let’s remember, we were given a way out of the nanobot hell. That defeated fully half of that shot, right there. Strong magnetic fields kill the unshielded little demonic creations.

I kept my love and faith with dad, I prayed for simply, His Will be Done. He got me through those toughest of times.

I highly recommend turning to Him. He’s waiting. Consider this your call to turn to the One Elohim of whom, truly loves you and abiding by the rules of Earth, needs simply be asked to be as one with us all. A sincere and simple, “help me Father” is all it takes.

Remember George Bailey from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE? That’s where we’ve all been, one time or another.

Let’s not make the mistake of ending it all, to get away. And for good reasons.

  • Trust that He is helping us in this war with the fallen. As he has and will. No one died from Covid. It’s all a lie. It was the vax weapon in China, forcefully given to the entire population over a 3 week period in Dec 2019, as established.
  • He also covered by His Good Offices millions with the Blood of the Lamb, negating the vax weapon shedding aspect. Then there is the neo mags kills bots thing. That was His idea.
  • We cannot know all the blessings He intends to give His Family, until we have them on the appointed time.

So, if you are alone, feel abandoned and the future seems outright hopeless, remember He loves you. If you are reading this, take heart. There are many like minded folks as yourselves and we are all looking out for each other, as best we can.