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SEERS virus planned for 2023 – Not 2025

SEERS virus planned for 2023 – Not 2025

Don Bradley

The reason they used the 2025 date is to misdirect people away from immediate planning and action. This “sounds” like something way down the road. It is not. It’s right around the corner – oops, they will say, it came early because of some complete lying bs we will lay on the world.
Count on it.

The last 2 years has seen a great deal of spells being broken resulting in mass swaths of peoples and groups awakening to the real play of Earth – rampant, organized evil working with the darkest of spirits moving upon the face of this world. They know that too many are hyper aware now and vigilant in watchfulness of the next move by the Edomite nephilim taking over the world openly now, instead of in the shadows where they usually hide.

They intentionally used a date 33 months into the future. A fake date for a fake virus which is really only going to affect those droids who allowed themselves to be weaponized by the Mark of the Beast. And, of course, all this was released to the world on the last FULL MOON. There are so very many occult signatures on this weapon deployment plan. It’s more like 3.3 months.

Something like this:

  • They use the telco death towers and panels that are EVERYWHERE to unleash smallpox/plague in 13 cities. Go to this site and find out how many hidden death towers are built into school remodels, fast food remodels, post offices, you name it that have been quietly installed without the world knowing, all around us. It’s staggering. https://www.antennasearch.com/
  • As usual, the Edomites that control ALL MEDIA in the world push the narrative.
  • By this time, we will have the CBDC digital currency in play and lo surprise, surprise, to function in this new plague ridden world, you have to be marked with the beast luciferic rewrite of our DNA to buy and sell….to save the children. The very children they murdered over the fake corona virus (common cold). The survivors of this round of satanic infection via a needle by a killer witches wearing masks will find themselves, on dark night, becoming a walking ugly field of oozing sores and drop dead spinner sickness.
  • To push the point home, instead of crisis actors pretending to be dying on sickbeds like they did for 2 years on corona, they will just pick cities that create satanic patterns over countries—usually baphomet and the hexagram—and turn on those frequencies, in select zones, for the activation of these plagues in our young people, the under 16 years of age group.
  • Then the planned financial aspects of this stage of their plan creates a final us vs them reality. The thousands of coven droids will—in their positions of ownership and influence—push all the various hate filled measures, including installing EYE SCANNERS and CHIP READERS to determine whether a person can even enter a store.
  • Refusals will be sent to camps to the awaiting guillotines. Those hundreds of thousands of Chanel guillotines that were sold to the governments of the world in 2020 finally get used.
  • The Great Beheading of the unweaponized begins in Earnest on either May 1st (a planned release date) or July Samhain (sowin, halloween).
  • If any area has a serious enough refusenick they either turn off their money or just unleash more death frequencies. Which is what we are seeing happening. A cell phone rings, a person answers it, and then falls over dead. Countless videos of just this event occurring on my sites.
  • Finish.