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Support ballyhoo? Not likely

Support ballyhoo? Not likely

Don Bradley

I don’t believe many of us side with Russia as such, we just understand their position, and it makes more sense than the American position. Denying NATO use of the Pontic steppe as a staging area makes sense from a Russian perspective; conversely, Ukraine is of no use to NATO unless its planning on invading Russia. There’s just no gain from conflict with the Russians, as we’re clearly seeing. We won’t send even a single man to fight in this thing we started, and a lot of us are about to become unemployed behind $10/g. gas. Which is likely a baseline number, not a peak. Like the lockdowns, this will further kill off small businesses, destroy jobs, and take away yet more freedom of movement.

Clearly, the west and certainly the USA, is using this border issue with CIA/Ukraine as the raisin-de-et-re for screwing over US citizens in every way they can think. That’s all that’s patently clear to anyone that truly thinks upon all this ballyhoo. By full moon, the show will be mostly over, or we’ll be mostly dead. But 

  • the new fascist laws will be in place in various western nations and UN
  • the economies will be further wrecked, as they are trying to do as fast as possible to make up for the lost Hildebeast years
  • the divisiveness started by the coven phreaks will be pushed into further and darker extremes
  • the villainous attacks of whites everywhere in the world will be taken to new lows.

It’s the west doing these things, not Russia. Which is why most folks with an IQ above 105 can see things as they truly are. The rest have been programmed and dumbed down by years of CIA and Coven indoctrination.

But from a personal and psychological point of view, outside the logic of realism in international relations, a lot of Americans identify with personality concepts in Russian culture, even if they’re unaware of it. The first is the trope of the superfluous man seen in Oblomov and many other Russian novels. Today we call him a NEET, someone who has no real stake in the success or failures of his society. He gets nothing out of it, so why should he care? The only people who profit from a “success” in Ukraine or here at home are cosmopolitan businessmen and imperial apologists, the talking heads and chatterers and teleprompter readers who make up what passes for an intellectual class in this mess we call the west, and the people they serve in the ruling classes. The rest of us get shite. We get medical bankruptcies, we get eviction notices, we get our pensions stolen, we get forced into the streets while our replacements get money, housing, and free education.

The other is the nihilist, not “nihilism” as it’s misunderstood in the West, but in the Russian context; the awareness that the ruling classes are full of evil, that their constructed realities and the propaganda which defend them are all retarded nonsense, all of it, it’s all lies, the news programs and papers and magazines and social media and chat shows and press briefings, just lying demonics defending their privilege at the expense of a healthy, functional society. They control everything, so the nihilists care about nothing.


Jussie and Zelensky have the same bad acting moves.
Of course he did. Because there is no organized Ukrainian army fighting pitched battles; just AZOV shooting down locals and firing 2nd rate tank busters occasionally at tanks and helos. They all are leaving, that survive the first day, and head home. I have TONS of reports on reddit and 4chan of these tough guys, all reporting what you just read. There is nothing there to fight for or with. it’s sucker bait that these mercs only find out about when they get there and SEE FOR THEMSELVES.