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Ukraine Russia Distraction

Ukraine Russia Distraction

Don Bradley Adar 15

March 18th, 2022

Consider. From an earlier article I posted earlier this month regarding the “war” in Ukraine.


The mere fact that the entire apparatus of evil that is the nephilim NWO crowd is pushing the Ukraine is a victim narrative, when they’ve been attacking and shelling Russia for 8 years should be a big reveal. This is the same crowd that passed off the corona virus (common cold, physician’s desktop reference) as the plague to murder, worldwide, nearly a billion people in the last 15 months.

So, how does this all play out for the West?

First, the whole world, in the last 5 months, was rapidly awakened to the deadly weapon that is the vax death shot. The US and Canada managed to throw up well over 2 million people for the Canada trucker thing—hijacked by the NWO with cutouts pretending to be organizers, which got away from them bigly—and this scared them. 2 million is a big…HUGE…number. That’s an amazing army, if it came down to it. One that could have easily—and still can, easily—grow to 20 million at the drop of a hat.

And that hat can still drop.

While we are being distracted and considering that about 30% of the world got the demon shot Lucifer’s Race. They (including Russia) are using this fake out drama (well proved as fake by proof and videos on this and my other sites) to distract change the mind set narrative and get every one from focusing on this Great Evil done to them as a virus needing satanic enslavement. 

What was Russia promised to participate in providing this great distraction? Certainly, they are getting 

  • Crimea for total control of the Black Sea,
  • The Donbas region,
  • And assurances there will be no more missile threats from the Western branch of the satanic Khazarian Edomite Illuminati.

Every claim Russia has is legit; every blather from CIA Ukraine is false. However this allows for yet again, the same polarizing of left vs right, but just on another level. No matter which side you might inwardly identify with, according to your spiritual estate, in this case, it is a MASTER PLAN to take away focus off the vax weapon killers – the elite – while the next aspect of their plan continues apace. 

No one is bothering about the food disappearing because it’s all about Big Kaboom Nukes. 

No one is placing the blame of high prices on EVERYTHING, even though Russia outright said that they and their little border drama has nothing to do with high prices in the west. (They have to tell us the truth, and Russia was the designated truth teller in all this.)

No one is bothering about the onslaught of the death weapon STILL being enforced upon children, the total enslavement of Canada, most of Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. 

The above has dropped off everyone’s radar and their distraction ploy worked. However, the hour glass of time is running out on this event, and they KNOW IT.

The Real Question after this weekend will be, what’s next?

And will folks see through it all and retain and reanimate that motion towards awareness that we saw explode across the world over the Canadian Trucker event that culminated in the spiritual intervention by Christ Jesus (Yeshua)?

I hope so.  I pray it is so. Please pray with me in this, that their distraction fails.

Because they know 28 days – one lunar cycle – is almost enough time to shift consciousness away from one this completely, into another. 

What we need to hold onto and to continue to pray for is that changes with a vengeance into total awareness of the evil being done to us by the demonic hierarchy of the damned that rule the world.


Acts 2

21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Yeshua (Jesus) shall be saved.