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The gang of adrenochromers all pile in behind DUMB base central Ukraine

Blood drinking, serial killing, mega-rich reptoids all want their little playground left alone, BUT FOR THE WORST OF REASONS.

The voters of America should recognize this exact same pattern, when the CIA used Dominion and other assets to do precisely the same thing for Sniffy as was done for Zelensky.

Yeah..sure…the last thing these phreaks will be thinking about as they were gunned down by AZOV SS is who misgendered them back at the airport. Oh wait…probably, their mind was that fractured.
Phreaks last meal before heading to Ukraine to die for globohomo. Take a good long look at these Antifa slugs. Right out of a gay psych ward, let loose upon the world. They are used to beating old people and sucker punching Asians with strollers. Everyone in this pic is dead.

Nephilim bloodline of phreakism really showing on cone head on the right there.