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Nothing New Under the Sun – 1 Peter

Edited, added unto, and fixed in many places by Don Bradley

As in the days of Noah (Noe) – Chimeras, hybrids, sodomites of all stripes, one universal language, one super dictator, and a fascist socialism that makes Hitler’s Germany seem like paradise and the West and its so called educated idiots are violently shoving it down our throats as fast as they can with words like: diversity, science, fair trade, environmentalism, and global warming.

We are the same beings with the same weaknesses and frailties that our earliest Biblical ancestors possessed. This may come as a direct challenge to modern theologies, such as the New Age movement or other pantheistic religions, including Gnosticism and the secular religion of evolution, but it is true. Satanic doctrine, prettied up by the death dealers to confuse the world under the moniker of science and spirituality. It is total enslavement.
It is for these reasons we study history. We study history to learn of our mistakes so that we might avert the mistakes of our forefathers. We have all heard the popular proverb: if we do not learn from the mistakes of history, we are destined to repeat the very same mistakes in the future. This is a crucial concept that has been imprinted on the psyche of academia for the last few centuries. It is a notion developed to help guide our species from obliterating ourselves from the face of the earth.
But when unexplained hubris propelled by advances in knowledge and technology blinds us into believing we are superior to our forebears, as we do today, then we have embarked on a journey into destruction. We have been skillfully preconditioned to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers. We have been blinded by self-deluding doctrines, just as our ancestors were before us.
Nothing new is under the sun. Nothing that is being done today or will be done in the future is new. All has been seen and done before. Ancient peoples vehemently believed the future was always to be a replay of the past, merely an earthly replay (projection/matrix), reflecting the melodrama of the heavens. This, of course, is the only manner in which all humankind could be judged fairly throughout the generations. It is the constant and the standard that will be applied at the great judgment. The same forms of narratives and plots have taken place over and over and over in the last 6000 years, just as the plots to movies have not changed over the last one hundred years. Only the actors, places, and time settings for the movies have changed, but the basic narratives are and will continue to be the same. I believe this generation must be even more diligent to this discipline of discerning all its wisdom from the wise, for this generation will be tested like no other. This is the Terminal Generation described by Hal Lindsey in his book bearing that name. Hal Lindsey should know, being a network asset used to condition the masses with what is coming and loaded with rapture lies and other bilge.

The New Man-the genetic hybrid, already perfected and walking among us. The damned are here, not written in the book of life.

Look at the fingerprints…a digital imprinting of genetics, en-vitro. And the blood? Filled with nanobots that complete the control from and by others. This is NOT Photoshop, but an actual hybrid fingerprint. The spirit is in the blood and so is the mark of the Beast, in our BLOOD. not a tattoo, or chip or whatever. Yes, they will Tat us, but the real mark, the one that makes spirituous impossible to enter, is corrupted blood.

Our civilization is standing at the precipice of unknown disaster, teetering at the hands of our own intelligence, but we do not perceive the danger. We only perceive the paradoxical opportunities of false hope. We have spawned a world intoxicated with unrestricted employment of our arrogance. All advancements are double-edged swords that can cut in the direction of good or in the direction of evil. Just as the science of splitting the atom gave us tremendous sources of energy, it also gave us atomic bombs. To this conclusion, then, understand that modern science is rooted in and nourished by the originating seven spurious sciences.
As you will recall, the great antediluvian sin was the sexual union between the human species with the angelic realm, as well as the blending of species with humans using sexual organ manipulation. The parallel antediluvian sin was that Cain’s progeny lived out their futile lives in a perpetual state of defiance and rebellion against YAHUAH. A generation so self-deluded and so dismissive of YAHUAH could easily be deceived into doing or believing anything.
The notion of angels copulating with humans still permeates modern society. Astonishingly, numerous Hollywood productions seemingly advocate violations of the laws of YAHUAH’s Creation. Films depict beings from the angelic realm having sex with human females, which produces in most encounters hybrid offspring. This rogue notion is a common theme in horror films depicting satanic cults and the theatrical theme for the creation of the Antimashiach- anti Christ and his appearance in this last Generation.
Similar seeds of transgression have been well planted in another unexplained genre that is transfixing this unsuspecting generation. The alien phenomenon is yet another diabolical deception and violation of the laws of YAHUAH’s Creation. One may find it surprising, but the Vatican recognizes the extent of alien encounters and the alleged size of the alleged universe, dictating there must be alien life forms, as testified to by the high-ranking Vatican representative for alien life forms and UFOs, Monsignor Corrado Balducci. If one assumes that alien abductions and Big-Bang cosmology are deceptive tactics employed by fallen angels, they might be the most likely method to introduce another form of Nephilim. The reality is “aliens” are just fallen angels, inter-dimensional seraphim, that have always been here, and Big-Bang cosmology is a Grand Delusion.

The New Age of Aquarius

Semiramis, Diana, Lilith, Jezebel, and all the other nasty whores of Lucifer. Same person, different names, after Babel.

New Age ideals are finely scripted euphemisms designed to disguise humanity’s naive independence from YAHUAH while en route to rebellion.
This is the ancient, mystic dogma of Gnosis and enlightenment. It is the future resolution to the incident at Eden, where Eve, and then Adam, ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Gnosis and Knowledge, whereby they unwittingly chose independence for humankind. All this is part of the revenge plot of Satan to deceive humankind—that he is actually liberating humankind with knowledge, freethinking, and free choice, away from the bonds of ignorance and the Biblical God YAHUAH, who enslaves humankind.
However, the Age of Aquarius in astrology is a period of harsh judgment reigned over by Saturn. Aquarius is “the Water Bearer, who is the bringer of the [fiery] torrents from heaven.” The Age of Aquarius, the end of this age, the end time, and the last days all encompass the same idea. It will be a time of tribulation and heartrending decision, when all will have to choose between Satan and his deceptions rooted in reason and logic versus faith in the righteousness, peace, freedom, and enlightenment of the true God, YAHUAH ELOHIYM.
Spurious forces will bend truth in ways that will impress a pretzel manufacturer. They will interpret the Bible allegorically, proclaiming the end of this age and the end times expressed by literalist people of YAHUAH are nothing more than deceptions of an apocalyptic cult entrenched in its alleged evil beginnings. Spurious forces will declare literalist people of YAHUAH are nothing more than illegitimate apostates and imposters, who were originally given legitimacy by Emperor Constantine and the heretical Pauline sect of Roman Catholicism, which has persecuted the true Gnostic Christian church for 2000 years. To this end, the Gospel of Judas charges the twelve disciples and the bishops, together with the Roman persecutors, as all who worship demons. Spurious forces will proclaim the end of this age doctrine fanatically shouted by literalist people of YAHUAH is nothing more than a deception that only refers to the end of the astrological age of Pisces. Spurious forces will declare the New Age of Aquarius will be the beginning to the Theosophist thousand years of peace led by the Theosophist false messiah, known figuratively as “Lord Maitreya,” the new Buddha.

The Sign of Noah

More than disobedience, but a satanic bloodline thanks to Satan beguiling Eve, which means to seduce. He F’d her, knocked her up, and she bore the Dark shitehead the first anti-Christ, she called Cain. Forbidden fruit to this day, means wrong sexual conduct with another woman.

Understanding the Sign of Noah is to learn and be forewarned about the circumstances of Noah’s generation, which brought the deluge Apocalypse upon the antediluvian world. YAHUSHA prophesied circumstances that would parallel the days of Noah.
This generation’s fate will not be manifested in watery, divine judgment. YAHUAH did not promise to never punish humankind again; He only promised not to judge the earth with water again. Humankind will be judged once more, this time by fire, just as Sodom and Gomorrah were punished. This is why the Sign of Noah is linked to Lot in Luke. Both Matthew and Luke echo Nephilim negligence that precipitated the corruption, echoes this generation ignores at its peril. Somehow Nephilim will mark this generation. The question is: how.
According to Gnostic teaching, the flood was merely a prototype for the end of the age. Therefore, the end of the age will be destroyed by a similar catastrophe, but mostly with fire this time. The Popol Vuh also recorded a deluge of fire will destroy this age, whereas a deluge of floods destroyed the last age. North American Indian legends further instruct that certain ages of the world inevitably end in catastrophe. Both ancient Mayan and Babylonian astrological lore contain catastrophes past caused by fire at specific celestial precession cycles, or dates. Remember, the Egyptian priest in Plato’s Timaeus warned future generations that the earth was traumatized many times throughout the ages with worldwide catastrophes caused by fire and water, and it will be again.
That Apocalypses would reoccur was a doctrinal foundation stone in antiquity. The Roman author Seneca quoted Berosus, stating that when the wandering stars (planets) align in Cancer, the world is ravaged by fire; when the wandering stars align in Capricorn, the world is ravaged with water. Berosus was one of numerous ancients citing worldwide destruction within cycles of time, but according to John Michael Greer, Berosus is the only known astronomer to have fixed dates to these cataclysmic events based entirely on astrological alignments and celestial precession of the zodiacal ages. The azimuth moves the equinoctial and solistial points backwards throughout the zodiac at a rate of one degree every seventy- two years; one great month (a zodiacal age like Pisces) is 2160 years.
These astrological and astronomical signs are undoubtedly end-time signs in the sun, moon, and stars prophesied by Luke, Matthew, and Mark: “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

The Godless Generation, Noah and Revelations, now.

except for mundane issues, most of science is pure theory and speculation, all designed to turn the world from the Creator Yeshua, the Word of Elohim, and to the lies of Lucifer

We are the same as our impious and independent antediluvian ancestors, who refused to honor YAHUAH for all things.
Indeed, if we were not approaching the last days, I am certain uncountable criminal investigations would have already been initiated. Serious reprimands would already have been dispensed, publicly punishing the powerful (and seemingly paradoxical) left wing and fascist academia. Fascism began as a nationalistic, totalitarian, right-wing belief system, but one must remember Nazi Fascism (national socialism) was a mutation of left-wing socialism. This is a concept essential to understanding the coming partnership between the end-time universal religion and world government.
Webster defines fascism as those believing in principles and practices of a strong centralized government, similar to that in Italy that suppressed all criticism and opposition. In a general sense, fascists believe in an authoritarian style of central government and social organization that is intolerant to opposing views, which viciously suppresses free speech. Therefore, I have coined contemporary Progressives as “left-wing fascists,” closely related to Nazis from Germany.
Hence, Vitriolic intelligentsia rally against and hunt into submission any who suggest Intelligent Design, even though Intelligent Design resolves the unexplainable conundrums to the origin and progression of life, as well as the universe. So much for objectivity and the open debate of ideas in the sciences and universities. Rancorous mystical “scientists” and Elitists now inflict a numinous inquisition against all who disagree with them, including those who disagree on the theory of climate change. The discussion is not over. Only elitists, and what I have coined left-wing fascists, wish to eliminate debate, the free flow of ideas, and respect for opposing views. The Apocalypse will engulf this deluded generation without the fanfare one would expect. And if not for the true elect and the forthcoming prophets of YAHUAH, this generation would unknowingly plunder its way into oblivion, even though the Apocalypse is the event the Bible most often refers to. The suggestion that the Terminal Generation will be so blind to the times we are in and ignore all the warnings from Scripture is seemingly unbelievable, and yet we are witnessing its inauguration.

Babylon City

That whore Lilith/Semiramis has never left earth. She lives as a nasty demonic spirit, most exemplified in the Feminist SJW movement-her true visage in the Hillary freak. In our time. She isn’t pretty, she isn’t charming, she is a nasty smelling skank with bad breath, bad odors, and a shrill voice. You can always tell when that spirit is about…there is a smell of dead fish that is over-powering…to those that can perceive the spiritual realms. Many can. Her abominations have cursed her with the smell of death and sulfur, which cannot be hidden to Yahua’s most elect. Many satanic witches carry her scent, they stinketh and are an abomination unto the Earth. See a red door on a house (always the nicest home in the area) and a High Priestess lives there, trying to be this hag.

Illicit knowledge and power stemming from the authority of the religion enabled Nimrod to usurp absolute power over the united people of Shinar. It is through this lens that we must critically examine our Terminal Generation. Nimrod also had the clothes of Adam and Eve, made by Yahua, which gave him extra everything, beyond the average.
Babylon is the figurative term confused by so many with regard to end-time prophecy. The confusion stems mostly from ignorance of how to define the context to the allegory. Those who confuse what the end-time Babylon will be generally err on the side of the physical ancient city being reincarnated in the last days, thereby pointing to Iraq’s restoration of this ancient treasure. Others tend to err on the allegorical side, where Babylon will become the great end-time world government prophesied to trample the nations. They presume end-time Babylon will be a governmental institution. Both interpretations are partly correct.
We must first accept from the numerous biblical prophecies that Babylon will be an end-time city. Prophecy clearly states Babylon will be a city as part of its end time characteristics, just as the quotation introducing this chapter verifies. The only question is what city? Will it be an existing city, or will it be the restored Babylon of antiquity? Or even more tantalizing, will it be a city yet to be built in commemoration of the forthcoming utopia Elitists are currently trying to bring about? Because the time of the end will be so short, seven years, plus a few more additional but precious years leading into the tribulation, I do not believe there will be time to build a new city. With this conclusion, then, we must look forward to Babylon being an existing city.
The prophetic Babylon city was defined through three ill-famed examples from antiquity. Revelation allegorized this future city as Babylon; Isaiah employed Tyre and Babylon; Jeremiah allegorized Babylon; Zephaniah and Nahum utilized Nineveh. All of these prophets were speaking to the same future city. However, their different allegorical utilization was not meant to be contradictory or confusing, but rather more enlightening with its content. Furthermore, with the exception of John’s period of time when he penned Revelation, this future Babylon had not yet established itself as a city on the world stage. Therefore, all the other prophets had to apply allegories for the future city. John had other motivating reasons to allegorize this city as Babylon. All three allegories provide a macro-code for the end-time city of evil.

Reflections from Within the Third Reich

satanists are a death cult.

Nazis were a political force that held the reins of government, bent with evil motives, complete with the prophesied evil second Antichrist/Nimrod/potentate of Nostradamus, Adolf Hitler. The first Nostradamus Antimashiach figure was Nimrod, while the seventh and last Antimashiach figure will be the Beast of Scripture. Had the Nazis been completely successful, they would have established a world government under their oppressive rule, crowned with Hitler as the world dictator/Antimashiach. The coveted Nazi reign, of course, was the elusive, infamous German Third Reich, which promised a thousand-year reign of prosperity, just as the authentic Antimashiach will aspire to with his promise of the New Age.
Most do not realize the Nazi regime was steeped in mysticism and occultism, because it wore a “Christian” public cloak. Nazis secretly subscribed to the Theosophist doctrine of New Age pantheism. British prosecutor Airy Neave noted the collective Nuremberg prosecutors suppressed knowledge and documentation concerning Nazi esoteric thought and influence at the highest levels, because they concluded it was too bizarre to be admitted into evidence and for fear of insanity pleas from indicted Nazis. Churchill insisted that it not be revealed to the public. Mystical dimensions to National Socialism were not a secret before or World War II. Occult periodicals of the 1930s discussed Hitler’s preoccupation, just as magician Dion Fortune circulated letters among the British.
Historians recognize that the Nazis were indeed, gripped by occultism inspired by their spiritual mother, Helen Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, and, to a lesser degree, Aleister Crowley. Theosophy was first established in Germany in 1884 A.D. By the turn of the century, Theosophy had spread throughout Germany. Theosophy spawned numerous pan-Aryan and anti-Semitic societies, providing a fallacious justification and breeding ground for Nazi racial theoreticians. Between 1892 and 1900 A.D., Blavatsky incorporated the swastika, an ancient sun symbol from Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism and Blavatsky’s personal emblem, on the cover of all her works. It was enclosed by a circle and surmounted by interlocking triangles forming a six-pointed star.
Theosophy and its occultist doctrines were the foundation stones for the Central European offshoot, Ariosophy, which brewed Germanic racist beliefs mixed in with Germanic occultism and Theosophy. Ancient German pantheism was adopted as the Folk Soul, known alternatively as “Das Volk” and/or Volkishe ideology, throughout Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries A.D. Then it was inherited by the Nazis. This belief drew upon an ancient Heroic Collective Entity divinely ordained to manifest power, which further provided the foundation for the philosophical doctrine of racial supremacy. Volkishe ideology fondly hearkened back to a pre-YAHUSHA epoch of pan-Arianism. It was an ideology hostile towards Believers in YAHUSHA, and it transformed YAHUSHA into a mortal teacher.

The False Prophet

There are so many these days, but in the end, there will be a singular one false prophet with satanic powers. he will speak of a marriage of Islam and Catholicism. Anyone not joining this blending will be beheaded.

The beast with two horns like a lamb (Rev 13:11-14) is the little-known False Prophet; he will lead the future religion of Babylon. And the dragon represents Satan. The beast with two horns like a lamb symbolizes a spurious “Christian” leader, for this scurrilous beast speaks like a dragon, marking its true nature. This beast speaks the doctrine of Babylon, the pantheistic theology first introduced in the age of dragons and Nephilim. This forthcoming Babylon will cleverly cloak itself behind a perverted and altered form of YAHUAH’s Word. The second beast described in this prophecy is the notorious Antimashiach. The future, universal religion must first infiltrate and then corrupt mainstream “Christianity” before branching out to the rest of the worldwide religions, thereby giving it a universal, “Christian” appearance.
The future, harlot religion will be led by one of the most villainous characters of the Adamic epoch, the False Prophet. This iniquitous character, described as the beast of Revelation 13, will be revered to be one of the great prophets of all the ages. He will be respected like Moses in both esteem and pomp; his role will be that of the false Elijah. The False Prophet has been commissioned to clear the way for the entrance of the false mashiach ; he will cunningly usurp the identity of Elijah and his holy commission as the sign of the coming of the Messiah, just as John the Baptist came the reincarnation of Elijah when he cleared the way for YAHUSHA from the wilderness and introduced YAHUSHA to the world. Many blind scholars always say John was in the spirit of, but that is NOT WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. It says HE IS ELIJAH WHO HAS COME AGAIN. There are over two hundred instances of reincarnation in the holy word regarding reincarnation and only one singular passage, the blind teach as ONE LIFE, with no supporting other passages to verify the Yahua rule of two or more witnesses, even in the Holy Word. Man is appointed once to die indeed. Yes, for a given life. But then we come back, as we are taught by scripture.
The False Prophet will be equipped with superhuman powers to delude the population to accept his false credentials. He will perform great and miraculous signs and miracles, even causing fire to come down from the heavens. The future Hermes will be a Magus unlike any our generation has witnessed; he will be very convincing. His powers will be buttressed by masterful manifestations and all the mind-boggling muscle that fallen angels can muster. The overarching objective for both the False Prophet and the false religion will be to bring about the crowning of the false mashiach, the reincarnation of Nimrod. Anticipate that this future Hermes will rediscover and reintroduce the lost knowledge of Atlantis, Enoch, and Babel.
This heretical Hermes of the future will be accompanied by all forms of modern Magi and sages, revered to be other, new false prophets of various levels: “for false Mashiachs and false prophets will appear and perform great and miraculous signs to deceive the elect if that were possible.” Modern manifestations of sorcery, masterfully performed by modern Magi, will be prevalent and will include the Grand Deception of the fake alien invasion.

The Disciples of Light

The evolution to godhood dictates that the discipline in reason and logic is essential, similar to the programmed New Age-like aliens memorialized as Vulcans in Star Trek.
The true God YAHUAH is established as the alleged oppressor, who tries to keep humankind under the oppressive bondage of ignorance for His own oppressive desires. Meanwhile, Lucifer is the god of light, who freed humans from ignorance so that they might achieve godhood. Lucifer is transformed into a god of light and knowledge, the redeemer of humankind, as opposed to the scriptural adversary of humankind. Conversely, the true God YAHUAH is flipped into the role of the evil oppressor of humankind, stifling their rightful evolution into gods. As Laurence Gardner states, the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures are the suppressers of learning and knowledge.
According to Webster’s, Lucifer is Latin for the wandering star Venus. Nelson’s ties the name to the morning star, just as Isaiah refers to Lucifer as “O Lucifer, son of the howling morning.” The sun is also known as the morning star denoting light. Unger’s defines Lucifer as Hebrew for “brightness.” Derivative words from Lucifer are words lucent, meaning shining and/or bright, or lucid, meaning shining, transparent: easily understood, and intellectually bright. All derive from the genitive Latin word lux or lucis, meaning “light.” Gods (gods) like Osiris were sun gods and allegories for Lucifer. Lucifer is the acknowledged god of light. The same allegory is acknowledged in Greek mythology, where Prometheus was the bringer of “god’s” fire (light/knowledge) to humankind. Prometheus was banned from heaven for this act, just as Lucifer was. Lucifer was the bringer of light to humankind, as well as the patron god of hard work and builders. Masonic writers Knight and Lomas note Freemasonry believes “god” has always existed; He has simply taken many names as people have perceived Him, including Marduk, Amon-Re, Yahweh, and Allah. This will be a cornerstone doctrine in the spurious, end-time, harlot religion of Babylon.
According to the renowned Freemason Albert Pike, author of Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry/Pamphlets, the light that all Masons seek is the true knowledge of who their god is, Lucifer. Pike formalized the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1868 A.D., which is now overseen by the Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree through his work, Pike’s Morals and Dogmas.

The Alien Phenomena

Since the dawn of the constructed Space Delusion, public perceptions and opinions have reached critical mass, and statistics suggest that more than 50 percent now believe alien life forms both exist and interrelate with us on a regular basis. In less than one complete generation, we have become voluntarily predisposed and groomed to accepting an inevitable, formal encounter with alien beings from around the imaginary universe, where we then will take our programmed rightfully reserved chair at the table of governing galactic species, just as in the Star Trek or Babylon tradition.
Hollywood tends to predictably program a set of ideals about aliens, primarily that they will provide humankind with new, secret, and increasing knowledge in the tradition of mysticism and a closer, intimate relationship with the universal life force. We are about to dawn a new age of peace and prosperity. We are at the precipice of a momentous quantum leap in our evolution; we are about to morph, as New Age philosophy likes to phrase it, vibrate into a higher plane of existence through the discipline of reason over our exploding knowledge. They promise an age where people will only be concerned with achieving enlightenment (immortality), an age where the truth of Brahma will come from heaven and will be led by the future Buddha, Lord Maitreya. In other words, we will experience our final triumph over the knowledge gained in Eden by Adam and Eve when they ate from the Tree of Gnosis.
These false alien messages exude mysticism and New Age doctrine. We are deceived to believe we have misunderstood the enlightened commission of YAHUSHA. They profess YAHUSHA was merely ahead of His time, sent forward as a guide to our destiny, that YAHUSHA had already attained the gift of harnessing the power of knowledge as an example for the world and that YAHUSHA was not professing to be the Mashiach and Son of YAHUAH. Gnostics attempt to lead us to believe that the so-called joint Essene message of YAHUAH and John the Baptist was to proclaim all would evolve into gods once they learned and mastered the mystical secrets remembered as the Way, just as they had. These mystical secrets of the Occult spawned universe are what the aliens/fallen angels are here to provide humankind, just as they provided illicit knowledge from heaven to the descendants of Cain. Space is merely nothing more than the core Occult theology of the apotheoses of man. All of this, of course, is affirmed in a very polite and politically correct environment, but understand this is still the dissonant doctrine of the Antimashiach, sponsored by fallen angels, that denies YAHUSHA is the MASHIACH.

The Mother of All Sorceries

Semiramis, renamed Mary. Do not believe it, it is a lie.

Expect to witness ever more spiritual guides and spiritual encounters. Demons and fallen angels masquerading as angels of light will continue to deceive at an increasing rate through visions and contacts. They will pass on more and more spiritual enlightenment as humankind draws closer to its destined ascension to a higher plane. Anticipate more and more New Age and Eastern spiritual leaders taking center stage; all will be guided by their spiritual guides, the ill-famed Avatars of Theosophy and Rosicrucianism. We are about to embark on a great evangelistic quest into Spiritualism that will grip the world unlike anything ever witnessed before. This will be an evangelistic movement of tremendous spiritual fervor that will unite the people of earth. The people of the world have been well prepared; the false prophets are poised to seize center stage.
False “Christianity” will not escape the never-ending waves of skillful false prophets, superbly crafted counterfeit visions, and the seductive lure of the harlot religion. Look for increasing visions of Mary, beckoning the Mary cult to explode within Catholicism first and then in the balance of “Christianity” before crossing over to join the spurious religions. The Mary apparitions of Lourdes; Fatima; Medjugorje; and the countless minor Mary apparitions, such as Rwanda and those of Joan of Arc, all preach a familiar and common doctrine rooted in the Revelation prophecy. All Mary apparitions tout Mary (Babylon) to be the queen of kingdoms, the queen of all the people of the earth, and the bringer of peace (through the Covenant of Death).
Mary apparitions trumpet varieties of expressions on the same theme: “I am the queen of peace. I am the mother of god, I am the mother of all people on earth,” just as she was described by the prophets Isaiah and John. She is also described regularly as “Our Lady” and “Our Lady of Peace.” She preaches a doctrine of peace and cooperation and uniting under one true religion. And she says that if the world does not repent, it will destroy itself from the face of the earth: “You cannot imagine what is going to happen, nor what the Eternal Father will send to the earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance…. Persevere and help me convert the world.” Again, does this not ring familiar? This is the doctrine of Babylon, the objective of the Masonic fraternities, and the teaching of all spurious religions since Babel. The Mary deception, in my opinion, is merely an end-time apparition sponsored by the dark angels.
The true identity of the apparition is not Mary but Ishtar or Isis. She is the feminine side to “god” in the trinity of spurious occult religions.

The Spirit of the Antimashiach, the Beast

In our time, 2017, the red horse is released. Note all the plazas, monuments, etc all depicting the red horse in our time, the world over. Satanists are more aware of things than Christians, mainly because the elect are not taught what they should be taught by rotten preachers from seminaries that teach false doctrines like the rapture and other abominations

Although the true Antimashiach has been reserved specifically for the preordained times by the true God YAHUAH, the last three-and-one-half years of the seven-year tribulation, this has not prevented the forces of evil from endeavoring to introduce the false messiah from the beginning. Since Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, forces within the rebellious and independent lineage of humankind have toiled tirelessly throughout the generations to introduce the false messiah. The ultimate objective for spurious forces is to steadfastly introduce the false messiah at a time conflicting with the divinely destined time laid down by the true God of everything, YAHUAH. As students of history, we have been witnesses to many such past, mutinous endeavors, where the spirit of the spurious religion gained control over world government and placed into position its likely candidate for world dictator.
We must remember the spirit of the Antimashiach is like a living being; it continually lurks, patiently awaiting its opportunity to seize its prey at a time of its own choosing, like a beast, but it will accept the preordained times if necessary. “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who holds him back will continue to do so until he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed” (2 Thess. 2:7–8). Only the RUACH HAQODESH prevents the spirit of the Antimashiach from seizing a powerful-hungry potentate, holding world power, or ascending to world power. Only the RUACH HAQODESH prevents the spirit of the Antimashiach from completing the end-time abomination that will cause desolation until its prophesied time. Only the RUACH HAQODESH prevents the forces of evil from fulfilling the spirit of the Antimashiach revealing himself to the world by taking his stand, backed by the people of the earth against the true God YAHUAH. Without the power of the RUACH HAQODESH, such would have taken place already under Nimrod or any of the six great world powers past. When Michael stands up, the Beast spirit at the 5th trumpet will be released.
Great historical kings, such as Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, and Julius Caesar represent three of the most noteworthy examples of the spurious religion forging itself with powerful world empires to present a plausible Antimashiach. Nebuchadnezzar had his reign interrupted for seven years, until he acknowledged the true God of everything, YAHUAH, after he had all but completed the abomination in the temple but had not yet declared himself to be god from his throne in the temple; this has been reserved for the future Antimashiach to do. Alexander and Julius Caesar were slain before completing their unholy tasks but were already considered deities before their deaths; neither, however, ruled over the entire world. But Alexander was regarded by the Iranians of that period to be the accursed, hostile spirit relating to the end-time showdown between the forces of good and evil.

The New Nimrod

Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.

The whole purpose, as witnessed by Revelation, for all the world empires is for them to hand authority over to the false messiah. Progressive liberalism, Ecumenism, and worldwide government all lead to the Antimashiach; this doctrine is simple, straightforward, and startling.
The Antimashiach will form what is prophesied to be the eighth empire on the back of the seventh empire. The Antimashiach will illegally seize power from the ten-horned empire, establishing a new and succinctly different empire. The empire of the false messiah, of the false Zion, will be established through a skillful coup d’état, which will destroy nationalism, borders, and all currencies; most of the world will unanimously celebrate this covert triumph, intoxicated by Socialist, false hopes and utopian expectations for the future. The people will cheer the false messiah, crowning him The Sovereign Lord of All. What will seem so right under the righteous cause of peace and prosperity will be so wrong. Centralizing so much power into so few hands will provide the opportunity required for a new Nimrod, an absolute dictator of war, to seize absolute power almost uncontested.
The Antimashiach will first appear to be the answer to the world’s prayers, the long-awaited, divine hope of the world, while all the time relentlessly campaigning for power. The Antimashiach will “succeed in whatever he does” (Dan. 8:24). He will then transform acutely once the world government has given power to him.
Meanwhile, Babylon will be enforcing a tribute from all the free trade flowing around the world. Babylon will become so opulent, so powerful, and so influential over the people of the world that the greedy, worldwide government will become deliriously jealous of her. This lavish tribute, as described in the conspirator’s seditious doctrines, will be a “progressive” tax on all transfer documents of all business transactions, which will have to be submitted and paid weekly. These conspirators will believe that all established capitalist and business oligopolies will gladly pay this tribute in return for the peace and safety guaranteed by the state.
The satanic Babylonian age of peace will only last three-and-one-half years from the signing of the Covenant of Death that brings it about to the time it is annulled. The worldwide leaders will conspire with Babylon’s rising star, the false messiah, to overthrow Babylon and remove her from power over the people: The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to her ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For YAHUAH has put it in their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, Revelation 17:16–17.

The Rapture Tragedy

The book of 2 Thessalonians records, defines, and reveals what will happen. The passage cannot be separated for convenient interpretation, just as the Nephilim narrative cannot be separated from the flood narrative. The revealing of the Antimashiach clearly includes the rebellion, the abomination, and the mark of the Beast. It is not the signing of the covenant. I clearly understand that my position is contentious among “Christians”, but this is also the point! Mainstream Christendom believes in “pre-trib” rapture, and if a pre-trib rapture does not come about, they will witness a spectacle of immense and tragic proportions. In addition, achieving the covenant may take a series of accords, the first of which may not be negotiated by the Antimashiach. This would cause even more humiliation of the saints, if so.
The believers in the per-trib rapture will slander the person who negotiates the Covenant of Death with unrestrained veracity in the face of world opinion, just when the people of the world at that time will be uplifting this individual as the greatest person of our time and any time. The believers in the per-trib rapture will slander the Antimashiach in a Kamikaze fashion, for they will expect to be safeguarded from incrimination by virtue of what they will incorrectly believe to be imminent rapture. The future Antimashiach, however, will be portrayed as the greatest hero in the world at that time, untouchable as far as the masses will be concerned. And yet, the saints will be attacking him unceasingly as the evil, false messiah of prophecy.
The believers in the per-trib rapture will be perceived as religious fanatics, intolerant to change and to other races and religions. They will be declared relics who fanatically hold on to the so-called barbaric and primitive past. Others will label them enemies of the New Age; the new, universal religion; and the New World Order, who are ferociously attacking the alleged savior of humankind. The believers in the per-trib rapture will be in their most vulnerable state and poised for genocide from the New World Order and Babylon.
The believers in the pre-trib rapture will wait patiently and hopefully to be rescued from the coming genocide, but the rapture will not come for another three-and-one-half years. The saints will be humiliated and discredited beyond understanding because of this. All will be just as prophesied: First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” 2 Peter 3:3–4. The tragedy is the pre-trib rapture is a doctrine of demons established by trickery and maintained by propaganda, that will ultimately kill so many people who believe it.

wake up. There is NO RAPTURE. IT IS A LIE. A LIE A LIE A LIE


The Hebrew letter d is the counterpart to the Egyptian letter t, while the Hebrew letter o is the counterpart to the Egyptian letter e, thereby establishing Adon as the Egyptian version of the god Aten. Adon/Aten is said by some authors to be the same god. Coincidentally, Aten, a god of monotheism, reigned supreme under Pharaoh Akenhaten, a heretical pharaoh according to the spurious religions of Egypt. Akenhaten was also known in history as Amenhotep IV, and likely Tutmosis IV, translated as “glorious spirit of the Aten.” Akenhaten obviously reversed his religious beliefs at some point in time, represented by his new name, Akenhaten, which honored his new god. Akenhaten obviously was reared to worship Amun; his original name was Amenhotep IV. Amen is variantly spelled as Amon and Amun, the alleged father of Alexander. Amun was the masculine god of fertility and counterpart to Isis, known variantly as the god Ra, and/or Marduk, from the Akkadian pantheon. Amun was always depicted wearing a ram’s head, just as the Atlantean, Nephilim kings and queens of the bull cult wore ram headbands. Akenhaten closed all the other temples of the Egyptian pantheon, making him most unpopular among the followers of the pantheon and, in particular, the followers of Amun, for Akenhaten did not permit Amun worship in his reign. Oddly enough, Akenhaten reigned around the same period as Moses. I believe Aten’s fame has been contrived by Theosophists and has elemental ties to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.
Aten did not possess an image, just as the Hebrew God YAHUAH has no image. This concept was established in Egypt well before the birth of Akenhaten. Aten was the omnipotent god introduced by Akenhaten to be the only god worth worshipping. Egyptians of that period additionally believed Aten was the god of all mankind and every creature, the unseen god that created the universe, and who also sustains creation. However, Aten and YAHUAH are not the same. Aten is a sun god in the spirit of all polytheistic religions and is a force similar to the universal life force. Susan Wise Bauer notes YAHUAH is never identified with either sun or moon and is so far beyond the disk of the sun that it could not begin to represent Him. Both monotheistic movements were close in time but in no other way.