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Mark of the Beast blues

Mark of the Beast blues


As the longtime readers here already know, the weapon makes one magnetic and the hands start to glow, as well as the forehead. I’ve been testing people and found out something very interesting.

For those whacked up, their arms glow under black light (UV light). But…only if you can see the veins in your forehead or on the back of your hand. If you have a great deal of body fat, which also translates into a fat loaded epidermis, this appears as no glow under UV light.

This is not so in reality.

It’s just that your obesity is getting in the way of seeing.

For folks with normal body mass index (BMI), where the vein in the forehead appears when under anger or physical exertion, the UV light clearly shows the UNDER THE SKIN GLOW. Not, as some claim with doubt attacks, ON TOP OF THE SKIN using a trick marker. The glow comes from underneath.

In the above examples, both person’s have normal BMI. I’ve tested this myself. People I know whom are weaponized and MAGNETIC, but no glow. These people were all very much over weight. FAT. Does this mean they do not have the mark.

No. It just means that it will take longer for it to show up. It will, given time.

I believe this is so, because the graphene is designed, when in the skin to seek the top of the sub dermal layer. For communication via Bluetooth and WIFI. Water interferes with transmission and being we are mostly water, they designed it that way.

You have to hand it to the little shites. They thought of everything. They had a very long time on this project, since 1974, to sort this all out.

You weaponized folks out there. Get a magnet and UV light, at the very least. Determine for YOURSELF if you got the placebo shot or the weapon. At the very least, you will then know.

If you fail either test, then yes, you were weaponized and its only a matter of time before you pass away or change into something…unspeakable.