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Last day of the Republic

by Don Bradley

If the President announces another run in 2024. A great silence will come over DC today and the rest of the country.

A silence of sadness, shattered hopes, and a grim forbearance of the immediate future.

Dominion machines still used in Georgia runoff and of a certain, the dems stole that election, too.

If that’s what this rally in DC ends up being.

All this 4D business I’ve been hearing for years had better be real. Because, the camps will open, the awakeners will be rounded up under the pretense of covid and turned into medicated slaves or killed outright. The commies here are already using language like Mao used in “getting rid of reactionaries.” In China, that was 200 millions Chinese and other nationals, caught up in the Chicom wave of death and control.

My Great Uncle died on the battleship California at Pearl Harbor. We still have his picture, honor him every Dec 7th. My dad did 2 tours in Nam. Not to mention the Civil War and other matters.

I feel a sickness deep inside I haven’t been able to shake off since Novem 4 ish…it just won’t go away, pray as I might.

Please, let this day be the long shot victory it still can be.

We won’t have long to wait to get the autopsy report on the country. The devils in media will blast it everywhere. And you know what comes next. We all do.

And they do. The nephilim.

But that’s not the worse part. It’s the Great Reset, as they call the coming beast system. 

This is like the worst nightmare ever and you cannot, try as you might, wake up from it.
Then it hits you. It’s not a nightmare. This is what it is like under the Beast. Everything is upside downsky.

It’s actually happening and you can point to a TIME in this year’s calendar when it all becomes a distant memory of “the good old days.” I always told my sons, “these ARE the good old days. Because they will end, in our lifetime. Finish.

Here’s a headline and link for you, just in this am.

US Election hacked from Rome with help of MI5 and CIA


She listed.a website:

 And after that, it begins. 

Each of us must come to terms with this future in our own ways. We were spared covid. The double rainbow of His Almighty Love has even deaths and sickness down this year, in every category. Such is His Love. 

I will pray for another sign as we were given in March. We should all pray together for guidance and a fullness of spirit to carry things forward into the Abyss.

We are going to need it. 



If he announces 2024 run or another party, it’s a nothing burger. There will be NO MORE FAIR ELECTIONS IN THIS COUNTRY. EVER. DB

President Trump Confirms He Will Deliver a Speech From the DC Ellipse at 11:00am Wednesday