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Next Thanksgiving will be completely unlike this one. Enjoy it. It might your last one like this for some time.

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving gathering of family and friends this year, then you are very blessed.

Be mindful of that blessing and give thanks to Him that allows all things. Even the ugly, for that is how freewill plays out on Earth.

For many countries and for billions of people, today is like every other day – the heavy hand of satanic banking forces that are crushing them into the dirt and making them desperate. For many, today is a day of sorrow and pain. For many, today is the day they die.

America has dodged a pedophile satanic bullet with the ousting of the most vicious of grand druid witches, the Hillary freak. As Wikileaks revelations shows, these monsters we allow as our rulers routinely kidnap and make sexual slaves of very small children before they are slaughtered in satanic blood rituals. That these Clintons, podestas, and the elite of finance, film, military, and government all are linked to some of the nastiest lesbian witches in America and Europe in having special dinner gatherings, the wholesome idea of thanksgiving Lincoln made into a National Holiday gives lie to their speeches and public personas. That they openly serve satan, makes Yeshua just as real and important as he as always been. Our way of love, understanding, and courage in these dark days of revelations.

Yet they are still among us…planning, murdering, and plundering the soul of this great nation and the souls of other great nations in the name of globalism.

Be grateful. Act wisely.

Don Bradley 2016