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Women, led by the satanic feminist element of satanism are leading the charge to destroy the white male through sexual harrasment,

In our time – fall of 2017 – arranged for and agreed to male network slugs have agreed to patsy up to further the demonization of men, and white males in particular, the only race group mentioned SO FAR in this witch hunt and hatred against men. It’s all about removing men from any kind of position of power and responsibility, mainly in the workplace and courts, so that hypergamy and the satanic agenda can achieve a completely diverse, matriarchal system. 

In short, this is an attack on Yahua, God, the Creator and His most excellent design.

And like all Babel attacks on Dad, this will backfire on them, when men, having had enough, disavow women in general as wives, girlfriends, or anything other than hello at a safe distance with witnesses. Which men are already talking about by the millions all over the world. Except for the vagina worshipping beta omega cucks with no spine or self esteem, who help these women, DESTROY MEN.

So be it. Remember women, you asked for this, you wanted it, so when we ignore you, don’t pay for anything anymore, and could care less, then you can run to all those lesbian dykes who are leading the charge in this latest satanic attack on The Father and Family. Go ahead and be a passed around whore for all the diversity migrants you wanted into your countries, who will then kick you to your cultural curb when they are done with you.

This, you created. You started this men hating, lesbian only agenda. And you are going to get it. 

Men don’t trust ANY of you any more. You have lied in court, filed false charges, taken our children from us, and slept with our best friends for far too long and the women judges in court always side with you. 

Well, okay then. Men are going to the latest thing called sex robots that are more beautiful and more real than you are ever capable of, short of reproduction. But you women have killed that too, in our time. A man creates a family, and after a few years, you get bored, better deal him, turn his kids against him, and he rarely gets to see them.

And all of this will boomerang back at  you. ALL of it. I have seen it. Hundreds of millions of angry, ugly, fat miserable women who can only get simp geek men to deal with their bullshit.

Don’t expect any sympathy. Because when love, sympathy and truth counted, you women left us out in the cold.


Con artist, feminist, satanist and modern woman…go F yourself honey, who wants you