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Demonizing Trump Supporters ala Nashville bombing

 by Don Bradley 

December 26, 2020

What’s really absurd about the white witch hunt the NWO gang is on about, especially if you voted for Trump and The Republic of Constitutional Rights, is that Antifa and BLM Fire bombed 1900 homes and businesses and no one even bothered about it. Not the FBI, CID, anything by anyone. But the designated patsy for Nashville and good grief, you’d think it’s the end of the world.

By looking over my article on the Nashville Bombing, it’s clear this was a military/CIA operation–BLIND ALLEY–to take out the NSA spy servers PRIOR to the Georgia elections, so they can cheat, steal, and flood the elections with fake ballots.

As they did in the General Elections.

Except now, the NSA–the only loyal spy agency Trump used–is made blind. 

And of course, the patsy they’ve chosen fits right in with the new CIA/CCP agenda for 2021 which is to create events and then patsy out some dead Trump voter and pre-assemble all the evidence ahead of time, again ala Oswald. And many, many others.

This is just the beginning of their DARK WINTER operation. These ancillary ops dovetail into the GREATER RESET ops they are running.

It’s all designed to renew hate, doxxing, and destruction of CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

Welcome to the new Xiden/Harris communism. 

Demonize than destroy your enemies. And they view Yeshua Jesus Christ as their enemy. But, failing to hurt him, they go after those people who are baptized and saved.

They’ve done this many times in the past. Too many. Because it works.

Article on Nashville Bombing


The frame unfolds. PS it’s not the same RV. Look very close. The side windows of the RV in Nashville are same. At Warners, they are different sizes and offset. Poor dude has no idea what was coming when he sold his RV to agent Johnson.

This Anthony Quinn Warner stuff is sketchy as hell. All people are saying is that he has a similar RV and lives in the area. Lots of people have similar RVs. Seems pretty irresponsible to release his name with only this.