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The Hildebeast…one is not like the other

HRC died in 2016.

It’s why you NEVER see the original beast, the hildebeast. We only got a string of pretty bad doubles for a couple of years until they could get this Frankenstein off the various operating tables to get a woman who looks as close as they can get to what the hildebeast was. 

I call her Hillary 2.0

You can just tell from any of the pics of her THAT ARE NOT STAGED (where they can digitally touch up the image to make 2.0 look more like 1.0 as possible.) And even the staged pics, like the couple below, you can tell…the eyes are wrong (very hard to fake the eyes) and the energy and presence is of an entirely different person. This is a fact.

And where is the enormous colostomy tent she was rocking while campaigning? Once you have to have a colostomy bag, IT IS FOR LIFE. You cannot and are unable, to go backward and grow new organs. Not even transplants. Too much human blood and adrenochrome did her in. It’s damage to the human body is inescapable, especially in the quantities that cow was indulging in. 

The Hildebeast smelled bad, too. I mean really bad. It’s the price satanic lesbians pay, when they stay too long in that life. The body reveals and revolts against the evil being forced through it. Everyone who ever worked around her has stories of…that smell. That smell of burnt cabbage and death. That smell is all over wherever lesbians congregate. It’s the curse of their sin, sadly.
HRC…the beast
The original colostomy witch.
Hillary 1.0 Even with a relaxed face, she radiates the killer with no remorse. This is the murderer of so many people who were stupid enough to have any commerce with her or Bill.
Fake Hillary 2.0 First of 5 different doubles they have used to deceive. They finally settled on one nasty skank.
Fake Hillary 2.0
Fake Hillary 2.0
Fake Hillary 2.0
Younger and still not HRC.