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Closing a portal to hell

The most important part about reading, is reading between the lines.

When the world fills up with lemons, rather than make lemonade. Just cut the tree down to the roots. No more lemons.

Back in the 1950s, the Mafia had a house in the very first housing subdivision in Las Vegas called Scotch Eighty. And, in this division there was a house owned by a series of capos for the MOB, who handled all the “problems” of Vegas the way they usually handled such things: torture and murder. Then they would dig a hole in the desert and that would be that.

This house was sold, or traded through mob cutouts, from one capo to another all the way until the early 2000s. After which, the place was white-washed, chlorinated for DNA removal, and so on, which when finished, it was placed on the open market for sale. at first, the buyers were “friends of ours” but no one seemed to be able to live there more than a few months at a time.

This is because the house, after 5 decades of endless murders every week was so completely demonically infested, it created a portal, a gate, if you will, to the odd place.

Finally, the covens took the place over. Now it is THE MAIN RITUAL PLACE FOR SATANIC CEREMONIES IN THE SOUTHWEST. The covens even got the street the house is on gated from the outside world and you couldn’t access it unless you knew how. They come from all over to this one acre estate, to continue the tradition of death. imagine getting your very own city gates at the end of the street, to block out traffic. That way, your attendees can attend to the also gated site with walls, in complete privacy.

They spent a fortune fixing up this place

1700 Bannie Ave is the central black vortex location, situated right next to the Las Vegas Strip. It has a dark history, that all the mafia sites never seem to mention. Goes to show you that what goes on there, hasn’t stopped. As I will demonstrate shortly.

The house is big, has several hidden rooms, secret stairwells, torture rooms with bank vault doors, and one upon a time, a huge sink for disposing of cattle meat, as do the large cattle butchers have. It has been removed.

Getting in there, on unmarked streets (no street signs coming into this neighborhood), going the wrong direction on one-way roads in some cases, and after making several turns this way and then that way, finally put me in front of 1700 Bannie Ave.

Immediately, 2 large dogs appeared from the house and rushed the wall. I was on the either side of the street. Hell dogs, if you will have it. At the same time, out of nowhere, a large RED F250 truck with blacked out windows slowly came up to the back of the car (I hadn’t even got out yet) came up behind us and took our picture and got our plates. Then it backed up, all the way back down this very long street, so as not to reveal ITS OWN PLATES to me. That was the longest distance I ever saw a car or truck ever back up in my life. This all happened in under 100 seconds of my appearance at the address, still in the car.

That’s how quickly they react to any unauthorized presence on the street. Seconds…

Being out of the car, took a picture for the record of it, and then got to work.  That work is well explained on other posts on this site, so repeating the process is redundant. But before I could do that a bald man rushed to the fence and asked me what I was doing there, in the street. I ignored him. Being on a public street is no concern of him or anyone.

Once done, the energy was instantly changed. Lighter. Before, no birds or anything. After, you could hear birds chirping and like that.

When the mob first put this place on the market, it was a nasty yellow colored mess with dead weeds, no trees, and looked like a crack house from Philly. Since the covens took it over, they’ve spent a fortune remodeling, landscaping, and replacing the original walls, interiors and exteriors to make it look…normal.