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Some thoughts…

Some thoughts…

Don Bradley, 5-31-21

Well, let’s take a look at what where we are at this last day of May, 2021. We’ve learned much about their plans, the way the vax weapon works, and we’ve also learned a great deal about their intentions in the upcoming.

Ironically, the titles of May’s articles and videos perfectly illustrate how things stand for those of us willing to face these hardest of truths. Any of them, on their own, to someone unaware or awakened, would lead to instant denial; or, if understood and digested, a gasp as the magnitude of it all slams home. Seems they all slam home.

We know the following, in no particular order.

  • In the USA, they intend to eliminate 270 million by 2024
  • They have been building since the Obummer regime mass grave yards, far into the deserts and outside of main highways and byways. These contain concrete grave containers, prelaid, that hold six bodies per. It’s the same thing in every country. The dead will be shipped with black plastic containers that fit perfectly into the concrete containers.
  • They ordered and have already taken delivery of a tens of thousands of guillotines, scattered all over the country in FEMA, DHS, and Nat Guard facilities. Still believe the military has your back?
  • People who receive the vax weapon have at most, 2 years of potential life, from vax date. People who receive the weapon from shedding, same thing.
  • Vaxxers are magnetic, even from shedding.
  • The Vax weapon survivors, if you can call them that, will breed windigos or become one themselves. They also become AI slaves to the hive mind satanic empire.
  • They intend varying degrees and levels of extermination. Vax weapon, hunger, large scale false flag attacks, mass hysteria free for alls, etc.
  • Fake alien invasion, that initiates Noahide laws that enforce the worldwide destruction of Christians. Hence the guillotines. That big extermination alone removes 1.5 billion people right there.
  • Some people are immune to the vax weapon, as far as shedding is concerned. There are other obstacles, just as big if not bigger than the slave depopulation weapon.

It’s a short, but powerful list. There is no upside to such a thing as is the reality we have in our laps, this last day of May, 2021. These are demonstrable facts, as you know, and are beyond dispute.

However, the psyops warfare of

  • Trump in 2024!
  • Q, arrests are ongoing.
  • Trust the plan.

Are just a series of operations that have no basis or proof of reality at their foundation. That anyone could believe any of the above is going to save them is just either a coping mechanism and or retaining a faith in the system will some how fix itself. I see both in others.

And, the above short list of hopium is just for the USA. What about the rest of the world, no hopium psyop to fool the gullible?

No. We get the psyops because we are an armed population. However, India—a land not enslaved by the TV and MSM—is fighting back. Villages and towns run vax weapon killers out. India is having a very tough time getting any one vaxxed over there. They are the only country where the people have stood and pushed back to such a degree, the government goons cannot cope with it, so they leave. You never see that in the west. Never. We are too conditioned by a lifetime of MSM brain washing and false hopes to ever have the courage we once had, right in our back pocket. Now, look far and wide for courage and it’s only the one guy or gal, with the guts to say NO. NOT TODAY. The rest go silent and meekly get in whatever line they are told to get into. You know this to be true. Let’s not deny this fact for the sake of some jingoistic national pride. That’s gone too.

In point of fact, this nation is trying to kill us all as fast as it can. As are other nations.

You have the freewill to believe anything you want. Even the magnetic, who know they are magnetic now, just shrugged it off and are still going about as per normal, when that awareness, one would have thought, would be such a HUGE WAKEUP TRIGGER.

Not at all. A few days of anger and then acceptance. “Can’t do anything about it.”

The TVs all over the world have subliminally in their bumper music, sub-vocal post hypnotic suggestions of

  • Accept the vaccine
  • The vaccine is good
  • Trust your doctor
  • Trust the government

It’s playing behind the songs on spotify and are tailored to your individuality coding, so your personality receives the right kind of subliminals. Believe it. Your cell phone is that ID of you and content, above and below the line, is tailored just for you.

To control you. Always to control you.

Writing about this stuff is terrible. I loathe the labor; find no enjoyment in any of it, save the spiritual reality of existence. It has always been horrible work. A duty to inform. So that others, so awakened, can help themselves and others. And so I always stand to, daily.