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Electric cars, trucks, and buses will become mandatory by decree

Electric cars, trucks, and buses will become mandatory by decree.

And then they have you. Your ability to travel will disappear, as most E cars have a very limited short range, and recharging often takes all night, just to go another very short distance. The distance is little better than a horse and buggy. It’s what they want. 

And what they want is to restrict our freedom and increase their control over us. The car represents far too much freedom. And every time rich, leftist, satanists buy one, they make that unpleasant reality all that much closer to becoming our future.

To make matters worse, these death boxes on wheels are run on massive lithium batteries that put out toxic EMF radiation that is harmful to your health. It’s like sitting on a huge cell phone the size of your car. It will kill you, one way or the other. In addition to the EMF damage, rupturing a lithium battery causes them to explode and burn with all the ferocity of a nano thermite explosive device.

And…you are paying for it. They have conned you into this with all this feel good save the planet BS.

Save your life and freedom instead.