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Who is Don Bradley

Well, I started off in this “wake up the people” effort in 1994. I had my first web site in April of 1995 and was both a journalist for four area newspapers and as a writer of novels, etc. Before that, I owned a few computer stores, was a certified Computer Network Engineer and was Senior Engineer at UCLA.

Then our Holy Father awakened me to the truth of things. And ever since.

Here are a few articles I wrote back in the day. Once I got popular, they made me an Op Ed writer for their Sunday editions. Until I started exposing corruption. Then, in the same week, I was fired by all four papers. For writing the truth. They said they were happy about the fan base, but ORDERS FROM ON HIGH.

From that point on I created my own leads, stories, and purpose of being. To expose corruption wherever possible and to free us from them, the dark lords. For over and over again, it was these satanic human trafficking devils I kept running into who hindered, hurt, and otherwise stopped all of us.


I’ve had everything happen to me. I know the following is going to sound crazy, but it is all heavily documented and with evidence.

Implants shot into me from dart guns

Honeypots sent to destroy me and my family.

I was swatted.

My cars sabotaged, gps trackers, 24/7 surveillance for years, etc. Gangstalking? That has been my bread and butter since 97.

You name it, it has happened. ALL of it. These things never stop. If I listed the intelligence operations against me it would fill a chapter, just with line items.

I’ve been going ever since. No money per say, but somehow Dad inspires others to keep the ship afloat. I am deeply indebted to both Him and YOU ALL.

Deeply indebted. I will work tirelessly to bring this effort forward, with your help.

I love you all.


PS If you like and feel inspired, my PayPal address is don@uwantson.com