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System overload

System overload

Don Bradley 6-10-21

That’s what all this unending news is, overloading of my system. It’s absolutely horrifying, in every respect. 

You have to hand it to them. They’ve literally thought of everything to burn down the western world. From removing chlorine from the shelves, which destroys all those small pool cleaning businesses that feed families and makes pools unusable for drinking water, when they turn off the water mains, to buying up all the housing in decent neighborhoods so that if you sell for a profit, and they offer 20-to 50 percent higher than the asking price to insure the sale to their Blackrock AUM mgmt. Home ownership, owning a small business, and having a living wage are the chief cornerstones of being middle class. They are specifically targeting each of these cornerstones. And most small businesses are in construction trades, of all disciplines. They took care of that too, by making lumber obscenely priced; it’s up 3,798%. Gates is the largest farm owner and he has shut down 87% of all agriculture in those farms he bought. Selling to his hedge fund companies was a mistake. Greed is our downfall; one of them, to be sure.

They only thing they haven’t touched yet is the pensions. This is because they need doctors, teachers, and cops to enforce their agenda. Once these killers are done, they too get the axes, only later. Nothing but allegiance to the beast gets you out of dodge. But, then you come under His Final Judgement, and no price is worth your soul. NOTHING.

But ALL of us have to face the vax weapon, outages, shortages, false flags, etc. Even the thugs working for the NWO.

Gas in my town is now at $5.00, which in 2 months will be $9.00 Most of the restaurants are dead, except trendy little woke places for tourism. Though even those have changed hands at least twice in the last year, with new signage, and new HIGH prices.

Everyone is sick, feeling weak, and learning very often the hard way, they were lied to and murdered. It’s just that their body hasn’t yet expired. It’s a hell of a way to go. People are laughing about being magnetic and if they even take the time to really think through what that means, it still doesn’t register that even if they should live, they will no longer be the person they were before the weapon shot.

Parents are vaxxing their children and near 80% of them are having severe adverse reactions. And still the satanic doctors insist the weapon is safe. And people then turn to the very same people that killed them, for relief from the vax weapon. They always get the same thing–go to rehab, it’s all we can do.

Rehab for a chemical and biological weapon. It’s the final medical slap in the face. Really.

I pray our heavenly Father turns His Face away from them and removes all blessings from their paths. Let them come under immediate judgment, each of these doctors, pharmacists, and doers. Amen.

Because of smart meters, they are putting AC use in the home in a new tier 4 price schedule, so even if you use your AC for heat waves and hot days, you will pay dearly for doing so. That’s if they allow the power on, and in Calif, they have been sending out announcements all year about how THIS SUMMER there will be blackouts. They don’t say why. But they say you cannot count on having electricity for any reason, if its hot out. How nice of them.

And no pushback. Nothing. Silence.

We really have allowed all of this. Silence IS consent.

We consented to 50 years of baby killing. And allowing every perversion to be codified into law. We allowed satanism in our schools, replacing Almighty God. We gave the nod to increasingly anti human forestry laws that placed beast over man, in direct defiance of YHVH’s Holy Word and Decree. We let the satanic pigs steal the election and sat on our hands. Our military and Law enforcement sold us out along time ago. Don’t care if that bothers you. The truth seems to with many people, but it’s a fact. We consented to the JFK and Trump take downs, by doing NOTHING.

Did anyone know that child suicides (under the age of 12) are off the charts? It’s true. Because of Critical Race Lies, children from kindergarten on up, are informed that these white children are evil, the cause of all evil, and should do the world a favor and kill themselves. And they are doing. Preteen suicides are usually so very rare as to make them never an issue, in any point in history. I saw the numbers today. It’s the fastest rising age group of self murder of ANY age group. And who is pushing back to CRT and pulling their children out? Not many; you know it to be so.

And we let satanic pedophile freaks in clown makeup traumatize our children under the guise of some satanic FREEDOM. This horror of abominations has no pushback anywhere, save the odd loudmouth who shows up at a school board meeting, gets their 15 minutes of pushback fame, and then NOTHING. Nothing from anyone else. WTF friends.

People teaching and preaching the overt racism and murder agenda of CRT are MURDERERS. That’s right, your teacher neighbor is killing the soul and the hope of future of your Asian and white children. They are being targeted as no other races are in this world for destruction and IT IS SCHOOL TEACHERS who are destroying the minds and souls of these little ones.

And on and on and on we go, letting one evil after another pile up and we just ignored it.

Judgment is indeed upon this and other countries. And we are atoning for those sins in blood, as Israel had to in the past. Now, it’s our turn. And no one is going to like it. Not one little bit.

And we are all in this for we all have blood on our hands, for not standing against these evil actions when it was more than easy to do. Now, it would take a bloody revolution and they are hoping and planning for that. They gamed out every strategy for such an eventuality. Now, they will use that as an excuse to UN army us and bring in China, once the vax weapon clears most of us out.

Which it is doing very rapidly.

Every single person I know, knows of at least 2 or more people dying from the weapon or have already died. I know of so many dead and sick, my own self. Not people I’ve heard of, but people I KNOW. And that is typical, nowadays.

Donna Carrillo and I have spent 2 decades warning the folks about the deadly weapons inside vaccines. I had to buy a doctor to get my youngest boy exempt from the weapons for medical reasons. They wouldn’t let him attend High School without an armload of vax death. It took me 2 weeks to find a doctor that would do it and I had to drive nearly 150 miles to get it, too. And that’s in one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles. Says a lot, doesn’t it.

If we survive this summer, the accounting of our collective reality will read as some kind of dystopian Stephen King novel. It already is, in many respects, if one is paying attention to the events and reality, circa 2021. Many still do not. And that is why they will never see it coming. Ever.

The whole rotten edifice is teetering on such threadbare stilts, built on sand, that one little push will collapse it all. And now, hyper inflation is back. A 12 ounce steak here in town is $35.00 at the store. And in some places, the meat is magnetic. It’s in the spray the state of California requires all fruits, vegetables and meats to be sprayed with. So, far, only network stores are using vax weapon sprays. The small grocer on the corner, does not. They use EDTA, which is a GREAT heavy metal detox.

Coffee here, in bean, is between 18 to 22 dollars a short pound. Which is 12 ounces. For coffee.

If I had to raise my sons on the fifty dollars a week budget I had 12 years ago, we would all be starving today. We could not afford to eat and live on that tiny budget. And I did that for five years, on what a dinner out costs today. For one person. At least 2 of them have jobs…for now.

Every week reveals new horrors about the vax weapon.

Let’s face it. We are dealing with a deep black and archon/nephilim technology that we simply have no access to for understanding. We only learn by what it does, as it does it, with those still alive. What still awaits us as regards the weapon? We know the end result. Chimeras, Windigos, and AI droid automatons for the survivors. The rest get enslaved, murdered, or eaten, depending upon the breaks.

Why are you so cheery Don?

It’s just my way.

Once they get our numbers whittled down, the survivors get to entreat with the armies of China, courtesy of Canada. To bring in the communist system en toto that the beast requires. And the little monsters have had decades to game out every possible counter move by Dad and the people of this world who wish to not take it any more.

We as a people are past protests and marches. That blowing off of steam may feel good at the end of the day, but the evil proceeds apace and there lies the rub. Going to a Trump rally at this point is a joke. It’s a pointless joke that no one seems to get. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Ever. It’s all BS.

Waiting for 2024 and voting (hahahaha) only means they’ve won. Their detailed plans, published on this site, have that year as END GAME for anyone who could or might, resist. You’ll either be dead or wishing you were. Try starving some time. I did. It wasn’t fun at all. Living on nothing and using a garden hose for my toilet and daily hygiene was at least possible once. It won’t be in the upcoming.

If this country would just repent, turn to YHVH and seek the blood of the lamb, Yeshua, we might have a chance at least of making the beast pay dearly for any gains against us, then yeah. Seems no one cares to bother. Really? Your dying spouse or child isn’t worth that bother, for any reason?

All it takes is a repentant heart and the simple words, “Father, help me…” Turning directly to our King and intercessor Yeshua. Either.

Have it your own way…right to end.

Anyone who doesn’t understand the times we live in—tribulation—is already as lost as can be. That’s the road map. As the years since 1999 have ticked by, has also the signs, portents and keys to understanding this era. And everyone laughed at I and others. They are still laughing.

I lost my mother to unnecessary medical surgery when she was in for a nothing procedure to remove a tiny cyst in her throat, in 2014. My father passed from the vax weapon this year. In April. He went in for his minor Alzheimers check up and they vaxxed him twice to treat him. They are murderers.

Am I ranting? Of course.

It’s sometimes necessary to put things into perspective so there is clarity of vision. And I’ve not said all, either. How can I? Most don’t even believe or understand what is self evident and overly demonstrable.

Well, now having said as much as has been said, it does no good to speak of it. Nothing changes. We go along to get along and that has and always will be, our doom.