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Ron Paul – network lightening rod for the disenfranchised

I get quite a laugh when people mention this or that candidate running for ANY office of ANY kind.

First, you cannot be in politics without being first, vetted by the satanic network. That’s number one.

Second, when they put out the Ron Paul’s of the world in any country, it’s to control and polarize those that are fed up with the system that is the lie that it is, by putting up these “lightening rods” which are then deployed to focalize the disenfranchised of the world. By doing this, they then can control outcomes and determine events. Ron Paul is network. His sole purpose is to be such a lightening rod to keep the restless and nervous cattle in their stock pens.

And there are many like him, in every country and on every level. They are never meant to win anything, but they are given scripts which sound like freedom but never deliver it. They talk of truth, but never give it. Like the network that keeps them there, they never really do anything but offer a carrot just out of reach that the donkeys of the world can never reach, try as they might.

The network knows that as long as they do this, then real solutions and real people that can never get any funding or support, won’t have a chance to bring REAL TRUTH OR REAL FREEDOM to the doors of the doomed and the poor.

Wake up! See these people for what they are and always will be. Save your spirit and time for something real, rather than some fake lightening rod put up by the network to keep you busy with the lie that voting matters. It does not. Not since JFK.

If the man or woman is in politics, they are vetted by the network and serve the Beast. That’s how it is in our time. Freejacks never get there. THey are never funded or given a chance. And a real freejack knows better anyway, than to bother with such things. That person knows the satanic system only allows its own people to play in the arena. All the rest is just so much bull—- on a bisquit.