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Still have to use some other computer to get to this blog. Meh.

The stove is fixed!

It’s getting colder each year, earlier in the season and with more precipitation. It rains and snows weekly where we live, something that is rare for this part of the country. Things are changing. Darker…colder…

Zetatalk is a Nancy Leder network shill site to mislead and misdirect those gullible enough to trust them. They’ve been predicting planet X for 15 years as being arouund the corner anytime now. The truth is in what they sell, the whole X (hex) generation thing. Xs are on cars, products, books, tattoos, you name it. It’s code for HEX, a thing witches do on a magical level to control events, people, places, things. Some companies and their covens don’t even hide it anymore – GM cars carry a big HeX on their vehicles. It’s witchcraft coming from the shadows to the light of day. Zetatalk has always been a part of that dark side. It’s why they are still around when they were totally discredited back in the 90s as a bunko site full of nonsense, spewing lies.


The economy in America resembles the Great Depression, save for one thing. No one is talking about it in the MSM. Like Fukushima, it’s a reality no one dare mention. But there it is, eating lives and homes, destroying families, and ALL BY DESIGN by the very network that is using the USA as the new evil empire which is despised the world over for its imperialist actions in other countries. Like the Great Depression, there is the forgotten poor and those being taken care of, because they are obedient little cogs in the machine. Even these cogs will be left holding the bag, when their usefulness is over.

When you are dirt poor, you don’t make plans. You try to keep food on the table while you can. THat’s your plan. There are no plans outside of that. Not career, not love, not things to do, not anything. It’s all about survival that week. That’s as far as you can see. When your employment efforts are blocked by the satanic network at every turn, life gets real simple, real fast. We laugh when people ask our family what are plans are for this and that, or for this day or that day. We don’t have plans. We try to survive. Like the dead, the poor don’t have lives or plans, they live one day at a time, for that is all that has been given them. And nothing else.