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Winter by the book, is now here. But we all here agree it came much earlier this year – maybe early November. Every year for four years now, the winter starts earlier, is colder, and lasts longer.

Son Nathan just finished his school term with straight As (4.3 GPA) for his fifth year in a row and counting! He spends all his time studying physics, chemistry, and higher mathematics, when other boys at 16 are chasing girls and playing video games. And he does it under pretty abysmal living conditions. He shares a room with two brothers who aren’t very tidy – and he is. So, he finds little nooks here and there in our home, spreads out his papers and text books, and gets busy with formulas and equations. Just for giggles, he takes any spare money to be had and buys second-hand MIT and CalTech physics books and proves out theorems and formulas. Which he does! In minutes! It’s quite a sight to see. He’s our real life Good Will Hunting, solving the problems of life with higher mathematics. We have tons of his papers that he churns out every day and then throws away; amazing solutions to math problems most folks never even know exist, save maybe those who live in that way…the higher mind. A mind that sees, connects, and understands the inner fabric of our connected existence. I believe one day, he will prove out the theorem of love/math, and open a door that needs to be opened and right now, on earth. Just saying…

Thanks to the endless kindness of a dear friend(s), we’ve somehow managed to get here; another year clicked on by. When so many are struggling in their own lives to make sense of this new and improved Greater Depression (like the old one, but with the illusion of prosperity no one believes in for a second, except on TV), many have come to this family with love and help. Sometimes that’s what made for food that week. Son Matthew and I had hit upon the scheme of going on fasts whenever we ran out of food, so Nick and Nathan could have enough to eat. It worked! Last month, I fasted for 3 weeks out of four, and so did Matt. We then had enough to feed the others with good organic home cooking.

Yes, it’s very true. You can go on long fasts and survive. If you do it right. And that’s what counts. Drinks lots of juices, that’s the main thing.

Food prices in Southern California are outrageous and mostly the food is dead, dead, dead. No life or nutrition in it. You have to scrounge around this or that place, hither and yon, to get decent living food that hasn’t been irradiated or processed. Living food equals healthy body. Dead food, dead body – or at least very sick and heading towards cancerous conditions.

And what with Fukushima still gassing the planet with death particles…

A kind neighbor finally gave us a refrigerator last weekend that was going to some corporate charity. We haven’t had a working fridge for two years now and it’s nice to have food not spoil inside of two days again. Thanks Dave!

The closer you get to the sun, the more the world hates you for the love in your heart. It’s the big battle of earth. Money is the main weapon of choice against anyone choosing to follow the path of love, no matter where it leads them and how hard life makes it for you to be on that path. This is definitely something I know about. I struggle with it daily.

It is worth it.

It is worth it do meet people daily and feel only a warmth in your heart toward them, even as they glare and beam hatred back at you. In that instant, you realize how far you’ve come and wish they could just let go of that hate and be free. People hang onto their hatred like its some kind of personal defiance and birthright. “This is who I am!” they roar as their hatred blooms to full. Closing all doors, shutting out the light and life, they ball up inside attacking anything that resembles a warm fire to melt their ice covered heart. Then the games start, their minds kicking in – animated with their hatred of life, goodness, truth, and love – and they seek out ways to destroy the light. And whoa to the man or woman that has that loving light in their eyes and energy field.

Oh well. Love and Learn.

It’s freezing in the house right now, but my thoughts are with all the folks who come here to read today – as they are everyday. Are you doing okay out there? Is the furnace of love burning brightly in your heart? Are you learning from your mistakes and trying to do better, in spite of the opposition to you? Are you loving and being loved?

I hope so. Because in the end, it’s all that matters and all that you can take with you.

When I am out and about, seeing tree spirits, and spirits of the air, water, and all life around us, I notice one thing over and over again. These elements don’t pay very much attention to the humanity that mills about their existence, except for those with radiant hearts. It’s true. Their eyes follow the bright heart wherever that heart moves, like an audience watching a tennis ball as it moves about in motion. They ignore everything else around them and focus solely on the brightest heart they see. Because for them, its a sun on earth, moving through their worlds – the worlds of air, water, plants, fire, you name it.

Think about it.

What does that say?

I guess its why they love children so very much. The hearts are clear and unencumbered with hate. But not all children. I’ve run into many “network” family children with dead black eyes, the souls coming into that body as dark as sin. Tree spirits and higher angelic forms actually shrink away from the black-eyed souls. Like a withering freeze come into their reality.

Lot of that around, especially where I live.