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Rewriting our world

Rewriting our world

Don Bradley

To control the future they must control the present by changing the past. This is the Nephilim maxim of the NWO. As can be seen, they are currently doing this by changing a great many names, titles, meanings, everything to reality all around us.

For example. In reality, we have:

Long standing names of Ukraine on the left and the new lies names of Ukraine on the right. This is globohomo.

Children are being taught that women are whatever they say it is that day. And that changes every day. No wonder they are confused. By constantly changing history and rewriting to where now, black people seemed to have invented and built EVERYTHING IN AMERICA and that is being taught in schools is so shameful and disgusting, it’s beyond tolerable.

Our schools and governments in the West are completely packed with coven witches who gleefully do everything within their power to

  • attach demons to children;
  • manipulate their young, confused minds into believing they are phreaks like them;
  • teach them to have weird, gay sex and hide it from their parents, because PARENTS ARE EVIL;
  • give them so little REAL education that they graduate from each grade hopelessly incapable of doing simple math, simple writing, and understanding basic logic and critical thinking;
  • teaching the little ones to cast spells, hexes, and other demonic devices, which sets them on a dark, narcissistic road of damnation that few can scarcely evade, for it is all around them and encouraged by older children that come from coven families, creating ruined shattered minds that have no future except as a Tik Tok whore or worse.

This is just a mere fraction of the REAL problems of our time. A fraction.

Edomites are RATS.
NWO future for us vs what we are slowly losing by silence and apathy.