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The reality of online forums everywhere

It’s an infiltrated spy ground of spooks, witches, deep state players, and the damned trying to slander, slide, and shout down any intelligent discourse with bait tactics of sex, name calling, racism. Which most fall for. A great many of these slugs started out as gang stalking degenerates, from which the FBI and CIA use as a resource pool for likeminded demonic servants of Satan. If you are in any of these alphabet soup agencies, in our time, you have to ALREADY BE A satanic coven member.

Then you have the bots. These insidious insects post content that is merely a canned statement whenever keywords are used in a forum post. It’s why I do not create, join, or participate in them. I learned that one the hard way in 2004.

Bait, someone exposes it, guy who exposes agent gets account suspended, Operative revealed.

Edomites by far have the longest experience in going after public forums of ANY stripe, and invading it with globohomo themes and memes, badly done. Their hatred of God shines through pretty fast; they cannot hide it, no matter how much they pretend to.

Edomites have total control of the narrative, OR ELSE.

But when you point out the obvious truth, you are banned, hunted down, gang stalking and red listed as an enema of the state.