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Planned Parenthood ‘illegally’ took $83 million in coronavirus stimulus

Fed up with Planned Parenthood affiliates continuing to receive coronavirus stimulus money “illegally,” several Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are demanding an investigation into why the Small Business Administration continues to write checks to the outfit.

In a letter to SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman, 25 GOP senators said that the affiliates have received $83 million and apparently continue to get money through the Paycheck Protection Program when the rules state they are ineligible.

What’s more, it said that the SBA is providing PPP money even after telling Planned Parenthood affiliates that they were not eligible for the money and demanded that it be returned. Only 7 of 38 affiliates have complied.

“It is unconscionable that SBA continues to approve PPP loans made to organizations which are clearly ineligible for funding,” read the letter about the money going to the women’s health and abortion clinics. “This is unacceptable,” it added in calling for an investigation into why the money continues to be provided.