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Hunter Biden’s Texts Confirm Gun Was Taken, Left in Dumpster – ‘Police, FBI, Secret Service Came on Scene’.

Today The National Pulse is publishing a full, unedited, long text message from Hunter Biden, son of the President of the United States, wherein Biden appears to admit the recent stories about his gun being taken and left in a dumpster near a school.

The following, near-2500 word text message, is between Hunter Biden and Hallie (his brother Beau’s widow) Biden’s sister Liz. We have highlighted the key parts as they related to alleged criminality and the latest stories in the news. We have not edited the text. We have confirmed the phone numbers belong to Hunter Biden and Liz Secundy.

Read Hunter’s message from 29th January 2019:

Everything I say below is verifiably true. I left out anything that cant be confirmed by a text an email a recording a phone record a voice mail. Ive left out a lot. I love Hallie and cant seem to escape her. May be she tis truly in aware of how abused and trapped I feel by her. She tells everyone she loves me. I believe her concern for my life. I think she does love me in her way. Why does all of it matter to me. What does any of it have to with m y health. Why do I need another person to hear this and Hallie to know . I do because Ive felt so much for anyone. Ive never given up so much for another. No matter what she does or denies or fails to do I crawl back to her and beg for her to just love me. I need to know why she has this power over me. And I need for her to tell me why she so easily in the worst time in my life has been so cruel and continues to be. Why do I love the person who has done all of below and more. If this is all in my mind ands she really hasnʼt said or done these things (which I have records of) then I am insane. Insane for leaving the most intense love Iʼve ever felt and flat out hallucinating for 3 years now. Part of me hopes and prays it is all in my head then I can be fixed andre can be together. I have said mean and horrible things to Hallie. Ive been with woman and admitted that. Im an addict. Im loud and brash and difficult. But ‘im loyal to a fault. And so confused. Im trapped clean or dirty sober or not. Maybe e thats the delusion, but tell me what Iʼve done to deserve this and how I can ever just let it all go. Its made me in the eyes of most everyone I know a person I no longer recognize nor trust. I have never blamed hallie for not being able to get sober- because I have bin fact gotten sober and stayed sober far longer then she ever has. I need to know why.

Hallie makes me so sad and insecure she confirms every deepest insecurity Iʼve ever had is real and she picks at them with malice aforethought. She is secretive and deceitful and lives at least three lives behind the one she shows most and they that all contradict public face. She cherishes the chameleon in her- she even wrote a defense of the chameleon personality in an online blog. Ive seen all her sides and accept all of them love al of her. But even though weʼve had deep discussions about the true Hallie she will deny they exist when I point it out.

She tells me Iʼm a failure but she will always love me that she canʼt control the fact that all my friends have always thought of me as a joke and the clown that beau took care of. She flat out says these things to me and not always in anger sometimes justas an aside. She and David called me Johnny Drama in the months following Beauʼs death when I was sober post inpatient and in IOP. The looser brother always following along behind his super star brother picking up the crumbs he left on the floor. Johnny Drama the big talking lovable embarrassment that was selfish and stupid but loyal. They came up with that when they were lying to me about being out or in together for whatever reason I still donʼt know- or maybe do but canʼt face.

She has never in my presence in public said a kind word or praised me when praise seemed due and the lack of hot seemed to say the opposite. She has never defended me and her silence in the face of others demeaning me is of course complicity.

She has made my friends hers at my expense. She has kept me from whatever secret relationships she has formed with each of them. She excludes me from the lives of nat and hunt and tells nat and hunt Iʼm abandoning them. She confides in the people especially my monad sister things about me that she knows and iʼve directly asked for her not to confide. She says I need your touch. She never says I need your love. She says I am her addiction and that Beau was her love (to everyone). She implies that I introduced her to drugs and that I created the addict she is today. She says I donʼt work that if I made money Iʼd be happier. She says that she doesnʼt really believe that I was sober for 8 years that in fact Iʼve never really been sober.

She told me that in fact she and beau would laugh about my stupid antics behind my back. That my brother didnʼt really think as highly of me as I thought he did. And once (exacts words) “Well you were always disappointing him.” She tells me that Iʼm not really generous- in fact I use money to control people and then I shame them and hold it over their heads to control them.

She has told people that I was sexually inappropriate with Natalie and thatʼs why I wasnʼt allowed in the house. She my MY THERAPIST that when in was clean and she dad a breakdown and left me for 4 days and wouldnʼt even pick up her phone. Nm y therapist told me she had been traumatized by what Hallie said. Hallie say sshe did not. Letʼs call my therapist and ask for my own piece of mind. She has told me that she wonʼt defend me she wont support me she wont allow me to interfere with her children and her life because in her exact words their is “NO USʼ”- you do you iʼll do me.

She has repeatedly made me feel sexually inadequate in comparison to the men she has been with before me. And then tells me all she needs me from me is sex. She has shown me pictures of the escort she planned to see. She has implied that she and her girlfriends were romantically involved behind my back. She has told people so many lies about me. She has been my single biggest detractor privately and publicly.

She goes as far as to say that she wont tell me what she does in any given day. I do not really know in any way any one of her friends. She has never except once included me with her friends.

She planned well in advance and executed a move from Annapolis to Delaware with the kids from OUR home without telling me in secret and even got a job all while acting as if when I got clean we would be together. Knowing the worst place in the world for me was Delaware. She has told people iʼve ruined her credit and taken money from her (Hallie owes me $440,000- at least just from Amex— I had an accountant here go through every Amex Statement and every wire transfer ive made or recieved). I wouldnʼt t care except thats the rumor she started that went all the way from her lips to the club to a random bar and an acquaintance 3 times removed – he heard that Hunter had spent all hallies money and… That does not include the over $350K I have given Liz her sister. She has implied that Liz and I are sleeping together. She has told people that I constantly and obsessively invade her privacy going through photos and phone bills etc… she forgets that she was the first to do that – I had no secrets and when she found a picture if Briana a woman I introduced her to the same moment I first met he over the phone and Iʼve never when confronted lied to her about anyone. She has more photos of screen shots of my phone in her photos than anything else. She has promised me that if I came home she would stop and the moment I fall asleep she has taken my keys and phones and gone through everything.She has secret photo vaults desguised as other apps on her phone and text apps meant for people in affairs. She stole the gun out of my truck lock box and threw in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens. Then told me it was my problem to deal with. Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids.

Really not joking the cop kept me convinced that Hallie was implying she was scared of me. i told her about everything I did or have done she insists she has done nothing even in the face of receipts and phone records and location historyʼs. She has lied flat out about things that are simply fact. She has told me Iʼm crazy and and a crack addict and everything I think or do is delusional and insane. She tells people that every time she tries to be nice and speak to me that im angry and hurtful when the one thing Iʼm angry or hurt by is her ignoring me and shunning me. She has told her children and her family Iʼm broke and have no money and living off her. She has told my dad that if he helps me (tuitions) iʼll just use the money for drugs.

Hallie told me privately that she turned to me in the hospital during a critical need for a decision (when beau had his first stroke) and to no one else because she knew beau wanted me making those decisions for him. when I told that to a group of people at a small party explaining how I feel so madly in love with her acknowledging the bond Beau and I had. She laughed and said “no I did not think that – he would have wanted your dad of course but he was so out of his mind, and

I was sobbing and confused, you were the only other person in the room.” Her exact words.

She told me I donʼt deserve anyones respect even sober I have a lot of work to do to think I deserve respect from anyone especially her. She says I ran away from my friends and that I embarrass them and thats why they dont respect me. Truth is I chose her and not many were comfortable with that. I chose her over my children, over my family over my friends over my heart my money my time over everything. Hallie has never once not one time chosen me. Ive asked her a thousand times just name one single thing you have done for me that is totally selfless. She cannot name one thing…for real…I cant either.

I have not been “allowed” to live with the kids for over a year now. She has told them i abandoned them. She has told them others I am a bad influence that I endanger their health that Iʼve been sexually inappropriate with Natalie that I have physically abused her that I have e emotionally abused her that I am abusive to everyone around me and that she knows that If Natalie were allowed to come visit me I would be “walking around naked watching porn masturbating and doing drugs in front of her”. NATALIE IS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VISIT me if Naomi my 25 yer old brings her she is only allowed alone with me if my father is there. How devastating is that, how completely and utterly demoralized ashamed do you think the makes me feel. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE WHOLE MY WORLD believes im an unfit uncle and cant be trusted alone my children. Even with Naomi or her sister liz present. What permanent sir do you think Natalie now carries. I know I will never be the same again. And the fact is that Hallie as an addict put those children in awful positions they begged for me to come to them keep them safe. Hallie now home in Delaware having had her wild time proves too everyone I am the man not safe around children.. Hallie says that my fault and has nothing to do with her. How do I not simply hate for that. The one thing I know I am is a better father and uncle then anyone I know. She has made sure the opposite is on fact what everyone I know sees now.

She has told me we would address my concerns in therapy when ‘Iʼm sober. Iʼve been sober NOW she says not until Iʼm more sober. She said if Iʼm clean she would start to share now Iʼm clean and she says she wont share nor support me because Iʼm an asshole and I need to go away for 30 days if her support isnʼt enough. Iʼm 16 days sober but clearly I need inpatient before she will be in any way supportive. The only support I asked for was for her to just include me in her day and tell me she loves me no matter what. For her to return my obvious need and desire for her sexual desire that she shares with others so freely.

Last I was home I told her I will go to rehab inpatient I needed the down payment and former to drive- she hung up on me. I called and called asd she ignored me.

Then an hour later she said iʼll only take you to Caron or Father Ashley (two places she knows ive said I will never go back to). I wanted to go to a place closer well respected and less expensive. She said no only Caron now. 10 hours later she said she would but that I need to have my dad pay sheʼs not giving me “any more money.” I had no money at all to check in. She has never been in rehab longer than 10 days. Her respect her love her partnership her allowing me access to children all depend not just my sobriety they depend upon my sobriety only achieved her narrow way the way most uncomfortable to me.

I cant keep going its to painful.