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‘They have doctors and chefs – they’re living better than us!’ Angry Texas residents tell how the Biden administration is housing over 500 illegal aliens at an all-inclusive $33m ‘man camp’ just feet away from their homes

  • ‘man camp’ in Midland, Texas that was constructed in 2012 to temporarily house workers in the oil industry
  • Shon Crabtree, 42, lives across the street from the Federal Government’s newest unaccompanied illegal alien detention facility and is clearly disgruntled 
  • ‘I’m worried about some of them escaping and coming to my house and holding my family hostage until they get what they want or taking a vehicle. We are scared.”
  • The illegal aliens, are mainly from Central America
  • DailyMail.com visited the camp where there is a small wooden 4 ft. fence that surrounds the property with federal police vehicles positioned outside of the facility on the roadway 24 hours a day
  • According to their website, Cotton Logistics opened their Midland facility in 2012 and has 700 beds. The man camps are built like all-inclusive hotels with five-star hospitality, wireless internet and cable TV
  • Officials say that there are now more than 140,000 illegal aliens being held in federal custody – more than three times the largest number of children held under the previous administration