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Citizens Free Press…not so free after all, as a press

 Yesterday, I put the following post in the very long thread about the left pushing a communist agenda and all that and climate activists who burn, loot, and destroy.

It’s communism. They MUST destroy our land and rebuild it in the image of China. That’s what this is really all about.

As it happens, satanists want what the commies want – a destroyed Christian country to rebuild, ala Phoenix, in the image of Lucifer, which is also communism.

It’s why they work together, to push this over. 

The above was deleted. FOUR TIMES.

Then I posted it again and asked

What is it about this post, the commies or the satanists?

Deleted again.

Then banned.

I guess the BOLD TRUTH OF THE MATTER is not allowed. Too bad too, it was one of the sites I went to to get a lead on news items, though not the only, thankfully.