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Juicing and Fasting

When people hear of juicing, they immediately think or orange juice in a bottle. When people hear the word fasting, images of wasting away in agony without food or water flood their minds. The truth of juicing and fasting, both historically and from a modern viewpoint, are quite a far different reality. In our time, people fast to heal, cleanse themselves from physical toxins that are destroying their health, and/or to attain a spiritual connection with God. The modern juice faster has over one hundred years of scientific and wholistic research at their fingertips to help them with fasting in a safe and sane way, that will ensure the desired results, whatever they may be.

At Juicing-Raw-Foods.com, our family has fasted from periods as short as 3 days to over 2 weeks. We understand the varying needs and requirements of this protocol whether it be my son Matthew doing 4 fasts as a vibrant 18 year old college student, or me, his father in middle age doing his umpteenth fast starting in his early twenties.

Matt and Don coming out of the Pacific Ocean…

Juice fasting is the premier way to bring much needed nutrition to our bodies while at the same time removing harmful toxins and poisons. The body is designed in such a wonderful way that it is actually self-healing. Given the right nutrition and circumstances, it can and often does heal itself from acute and chronic health conditions that lead to expensive doctor bills with no end in sight.

The methodology is simple, easy to understand and do, while providing immediate relief from those chronic health conditions which cause so much pain and suffering in a person’s life. Those who are not suffering from chronic diseases also benefit from exciting approach to a healthy life because the intense amount of great nutrtition that floods every single cell in our body allows healthy individuals and families to stay healthy!