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Ukrainian AZOV killer, with sanpaku eyes and a baphomet for Lucifer on his left hand (malediction.)

The relentless fear-mongering Ukraine media coverage is to distract from the leaked WEF video and the anti-Death Weapon/anti-big brother uprisings that were previously springing up worldwide. It also distracts from e.g. Biden’s insanely retarded state of being, the biological labs the US is running in Ukraine, Biden family business dealings in the Ukraine, skyrocketing gas/food prices and the BLM communist Biden just nominated for SCOTUS.

One of the biggest moves… they want high gas prices. As high as possible. It will kick-off the orchestrated push to get the populace into either electric vehicles or public transportation so that the government can fully control freedom of movement. In short, easy and affordable travel, even locally, is soon to be a thing of the past for most wagies.

Klaus Von Death Master stated in a leaked video that the WEF has infiltrated governments around the world with their globalist nephilim agents. For example, he states that OVER HALF of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet has been “penetrated” by WEF “young globalist leaders” along with many other Western nations. Especially the US.

The AZOVs sporting a THULE BLACK SUN ritual symbol. You cannot make this stuff up.