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Center for Adrenochrome in the region – Azovstal, Ukraine

The US isn’t fighting an existential war, while Russia literally is. If Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will be forced to drastically increase their military spending, which will force the EU to do the same. Do you know what that means? The Europeans will have to cut social welfare programs in order to afford this, which will further impact an already disenfranchised European population that struggles with paying gas and electricity bills + inflation. The ramifications of all of this will be seen by the end of the year, when tens of millions of Europeans will literally be poor, hungry, cold af while looking for the next politician to lynch.

Russia can withstand the hardships that are to come for longer than the pampered Europeans can. Regardless of their political situation, their country is more stable than any other European country. We’re two steps away from a violent revolution and you’re talking about the US going all out like an actual retard. Who even cares about hohols at this point when gas bills have tripled, electricity bills have doubled and inflation has hit ~10% and it’s not even summer?

The Zelensky coward shilling for gay money for the CIA.
Ukraine rapes donbas citizens, then forces them to stand at attention for photo op. What kind of government kidnaps a people and then GANG RAPES THEM. A CIA controlled government.