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About that maternity ward that was bombed …

In the video that the gay Zelensky posted to Twatter, there are clearly three buildings in a “U” shape. In Google Maps and on the website for the actual Hospital in Mariupol that was allegedly bombed, the Maternity Ward is clearly not part of this group of building. The other building (main hospital that is open) is to the East of the Maternity Ward. Do what you will with this info.

GoogleMaps: 47.0966687,37.5324781

Just trying to reveal the truth to you, not taking a side in fictions. The weapons are real…as the weapons were real and still are, for the Lucifer’s Race Demon Jab.

The woman they used for the zelensky video a couple of hours ago is an ACTRESS, who has played victims in other False Flag Ops for the CIA.
But, but I saw all those “dead” children!