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In Search of…Truth

In Search of…

By Don Bradley

The issue of truth for me is to be in continuous search for it. Whatever and wherever its path leads, must by definition lead to awareness and understanding. Every time someone sees, knows, and ingests any truth on any level, their perception of reality grows abundantly. Providing it’s the truth, rather than a collection of varying fictions presented as truth to create slavery.

We know already that truth is both relative and absolute; providing it’s truth that has avoided the pitfalls and slanders so common to presenting one-sided “truths” or “truths” that are used to manipulate, destroy, and enslave, as so often is the case. Real truth is absolute, timeless, and requires little explanation to reveals its simplicity and beauty. It’s relative because the world, with all its customs, living environments, and educational foundations both in the home and outside of it, tends to color truth into those layers as suits the reality of the individuals wants, needs, and desires. The truth of yesterday has fallen to the greater truth of today.

Very often, Great Truths are attacked on the basis that those who gave out those truths were fictional characters given over as control centerpieces through the medium of religion. Over the decades and centuries, the Great Truths as ascribed to by the personalities known the world over as Buddha, Christ, Krishna, etc, are said to be bogus, simply—because attackers will tell you—these people never existed and anything ascribed to them must be bogus, as well. Everyone knows that you can always find those data sets to reinforce your conclusions and positions, if you spend enough time searching for them. This is especially true of the internet and its vast and varying collections of opinions, statistics, and so on.

It is hoped by those that would deceive, that you won’t realize the very obvious.

Once a truth is released into the world, regardless of its source, it has the enormous power of being able to be self-evident, heart-affirming, and has the amazing power to create epiphanies, release, and open doorways. It’s just the wonderful thing about truth.

The moment we start getting a taste for the truth regarding anything, we find that our appetite becomes insatiable. We want more of that good thing. This is so, because of the aforementioned qualities regarding the truth. We also find that our discernment skills grow ever more in our search for the truth and we then find that we can easily tell the difference between

a small truth interlaced with great lies
simple truth
great truths
simple lies
great lies, and
a small lie interlaced with Great Truths

We learn to pick out the beautiful flower of truth among the field of lies it is so very often surrounded by, especially in our time; where large budgets of governments in the billions of dollars are purposely and with determination, sowing vast fields of lies out in the world through books, the media, and the internet.

One the amazing aspects of our life on earth during this crisis period in which the entire human race finds itself is that with all the great deceptions being deployed against us, there is a tangible energy far exceeding it in power and scope that is here as a balance to it. The Spirit of Truth. A living, breathing, conscious reality that fills the world and touches upon every heart in existence.

In our earnest search for truth we find that we must be the very thing that we seek out. We realize it is our solemn duty to express the very spirit we try to find in the world. And so we do…providing our seeking is in earnest and coupled with sincerity.

Then, to our continual amazement, we also find that we make less noise in the world. We stop becoming the chatterboxes of yore and instead, speak directly, to the point, and of course, honestly. We find that for us, there can be no other way. This is well. For it indicates that the spirit of truth has found a home in our soul and is even now, expressing itself in every possible way that can be.

Good. Very good. Let it be so.

It’s an easy thing to get discouraged by the ugliness permeating the world right now by those men and women who have and are, making it their life’s work to destroy, pollute, deceive, create divisions, and are day and night, filling our planet with every detestable and loathsome expression of our baser characters. It seems there is a limitless expression of greed, hatred, double-standards, and manipulations going on in the world today. The veil of darkness covering this planet at this point in history is unparalleled. Because of this, the balance always being sought out by the divine realities of all life, everywhere, is creating those spiritual torrents which are available to any and all, without discrimination, should they avail themselves to the spirit of the times, high and above, the dark forces moving through the corporeal world today.

It is up to each of us to make those choices that will connect us directly to these freedom-releasing energies, ideas, and awarenesses, and take whatever steps necessary to end the slavery being imposed on ourselves, as well as the world around us. It’s about choice and freewill. I pray that we all make the right ones.

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