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If there was no Covid 19 pandemic, would you tolerate:

a. Being forced to stay at home and being forbidden to go to church?
b. Being told where you could eat and with whom?
c. Being told that your business is not essential. (Essential to whom?)
d. Being forced to wear a mask, despite all the real science?
e. Being forced to cancel vacation plans, holidays and even Christmas?
f. Being forced to be injected with a vaccine which was not tested on animals to watch for side effects?
All this from health officials who were not elected by us and who are not accountable to anyone.
We were told three months to “flatten the curve” and crush the virus. It’s been a year, and they are pushing for more. Much more.
Since when do you quarantine the healthy instead of the sick?
They have lied at every turn, every statistic, and every news report. A lie is more than ignorance or stupidity; to be a lie there has to be an intent to deceive.
I’m old, fat, diabetic and asthmatic; and my chance of surviving Covid 19 is over 99.994%. If I get it. The number of total deaths from all causes for people in my age group has decreased in 2020 over 2019.
More people die from the flu than from Covid. More people have died from Tylenol than from Covid.
Why do we tolerate it? Why do you tolerate it?