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Election 2020: A political analysis

By Don Bradley, December 1st, 2020

As can be expected, much of what follows necessarily is viewed through a spiritual lens. For me, our world is a spirit world first, corporeal realities, second. It’s not right vs left—the nephilim control both parties equally. Trump is an outsider. Outside their order of control.

(Hunter Biden took millions from Russia and China and the BIG GUY GOT HALF.)

Dark Forces have concentrated their energies, cunningness, and evil modalities entirely in the left of center brigade, the democrats. Leftists worldwide are advocating to resetting to a communist state system ala China. With China’s boy Pedo Joe, China now controls the destiny of this once free nation.

At least, on January 21st, 2021 they will.

Until then, their surrogates and assets here in the USA and working with our own banks and intelligence community, also populated with satanic globalists, are working very hard indeed to ensure that every single court case brought by the White House is denied and dismissed.

As they ALL have. For the flimsiest of reasons and in open defiance of enough evidence to bury thousands of people in Federal prisons for a very long time. Trump and Team America are trying to do it the NYC way. Sue the bastards.

That track is obviously failing. And all the while, we walk closer and closer to our electors deadline in 12 days and a wake up on the 14th of this month. In short, the devils are just running out the clock until appeals, court appearances, and bonafide testimony get tossed as nothing burgers—noise, not signal—by satanic assets in the judiciary. 

Tonight, the Supreme Court has at its door, a Pennsylvania case brought by Rep. Mike Kelly. By tomorrow or ?, we will see if the court will even hear his case. Are the supremes going to do these all onesy or shotgun them all in a sweeping decision. Or, like every single other judicial body so far, dismiss or recuse themselves from the fight.

Remember, this corruption is very much a spiritual one. Most of the people in power are satanists. You don’t believe now, but think about what you’ve learned in the last year or two and how you USED TO perceive reality. Quite a mental barn burner learning about fake Apollo missions, chemtrails, Mkultra, and adrenochrome harvesting of children from human trafficking. Only satanic souls can do such things. Find out what FRAZZLEDRIP is if you want to understand what you ARE REALLY DEALING WITH.

With 12 days to go, the only viable option is to start arresting those people you have direct and indictable evidence against. Today. Right now. Get them locked up and on the run. So many will flip on their higher ups that within 72 hours it will be game, set, match.

In truth, it’s all we have left.

The devils have wiped the servers, the voting machines. The governors and legislatures have declared their loyalty to the Beast system, China, and evil quite openly. And in our faces, laughing at us.

The only thing these creatures will understand is power and force. You have the goods on criminal acts that defy any shred of decency in any culture. Time for some of that Federal justice the FBI and the CIA deal out mighty fast to their enemies. Same day stuff.

Why, when we have right and truth AND THE DARN EVIDENCE, are we not arresting these deviant traitors and CCP stooges this very day? Explain this to me. And don’t give me some blow off about a “long game” letting them perjure themselves. I’ve heard that cop out far too much in the last four weeks.

You have the goods on the Bydone Crime Family. Arrest them at once.

Because once these bastards get into office, all that evidence and all those witnesses in Witness Protection will be erased from history for all time. And you will never hear a word about it. The CIA controls all western media, worldwide. Learn about the origins of Operation Mockingbird.

These brave men and women who have come forward to do the right thing are all DEAD, the day Bydone is in the WH. You cannot let these men and women die for nothing. Everyone who has stood up to be counted, educated, and informed the masses of the truth are next. In fact, that is already happening. Sad to say.

There is no time left for yet another pointless lawsuit, with tons of evidence, future dead witnesses, and brilliant presentations. They just get tossed or the governor signs off electors anyways, while the court thing is going on, negating any court decision anyways.

See it now. All these jurists and most of the Governors are network assets under intelligence agency control. Most judges are Clinton and Obama appointees. It was bath house barry’s big thing of his administration, making hundreds of minority appointments and influencing democrat judges on local levels. It’s too widespread. They’ve had 30 years to turn our courts into CIA lapdogs of globalists.

Don’t believe me?

Okay, why were over 200 arsonists—many of them convicted leftist pedophiles and antifa—released without charges over the fires? In four states. Over and over again. Many of them were caught, arrested, and released several times. One guy, three times in two days. Every one released. BLM riots? Same thing.

There is your proof trusting local judges to do the right thing IS COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL.

Sorry, it’s just the way it is right now. Personally, I doubt this will get to the Supreme Court, there simply isnt’ enough time to get there by the 14th. Too many obstacles and traps, laid by the CIA for us to trip over.

And we seem to be doing just that. And it’s our downfall. It is.


Please pray daily, for the deliverance of our country.