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Facebook set to lift ban on under-13s joining social network site

The intel agencies want inside the minds of children, as well as adults, and FB is the kind of SN that people use to reveal their intentions, desires, thoughts, feelings, and social mores. Data mining children allows them to profile earth’s young at an early age to discern who is trending to what kind of adult pattern.  It’s what they are after.

Of course the devils want inside the minds of children. They do it all the time with SRA and mind control. This gives it to them on a planetary wide scale.

PUBLISHED: 07:24 EST, 20 May 2012

UPDATED: 07:31 EST, 20 May 2012

Facebook looks set to relax a ban on children using its site in a move that could see millions more sign up.

A senior employee of the company said the decision to lift the restriction could come about after admitting a large number of under 13-year-olds join up anyway.