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Cancel your Facebook account NOW

But they won’t let you , will they?

Near impossible to get out of that beast system. Even years after people have closed their FB accounts, their info is still accessible and online. The data is there.

The data will always be there.

Everything you said and did on FB will always be there. All those silly drunk posts about the pary you went to, the blather yuou’ve been up to, and what you like and don’t like. For everyone to see. Always.

Like employers, who openly admit checking FB pages in their “vetting” process.

Like schools, who openly admit tracking students FB pages on a weekly basis.

Etc, etc.

Check it out on the search engines. It’s real. Then they look at all the links to your FB page. YOur affiliations, friends, family. you name it. It’s all there and they use it. For or against you, depending upon who is doing the vetting.

And with the network, anything out of ordinary as an obedient little droid is a mark they slap you down with and that always.

Again, check it out. And that’s just the public aspects. Not to mention the intelligence agency uses of this kind of data mining. And you know what,  You did it to yourself. You handed them all this data on a silver platter and updated it ten times a day.

And it’s all there for anyone to see.

Like your enemies.