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Why is it that in the midst of oil doom, “less developed countries” have cheap gas?

 These are metric gallons, that have more and will cost more than an imperial gallon.
Venezuela: 8.8 cents a gallon.
Libya: 12.4 cents a gallon.
Iran: 21.2 cents a gallon.
Syria: $1.14 a gallon.
Algeria: $1.26 a gallon.
Kuwait: $1.37 a gallon.
Angoloa: $1.49 a gallon.
Nigeria: $1.66 a gallon
Turkmenistan: $1.71 a gallon.
Malaysia: $1.84 a gallon.
KazakhstanL $1.92 a gallon

We are being punked by the Klaus gang and their grand druid council of sycophants in the west.