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Why Does Disney Hire So Many Pedophiles?

Pedophiles, child grooming, human trafficking, CIA, Disney…no wonder this country is a satanic mess.

The Disney Company believes that grooming your kids is the hill that it wants to die on — which should tell you everything you need to know about the people running Disney these days. No sane corporation would put out a statement such as this one unless it wanted to be recognized as a pro-pedophile organization. 

In case you think you’re merely witnessing a strategic marketing blunder or something more innocent, I’ve got news for you: Disney issued this statement about the anti-grooming Florida bill after a bunch of their employees got caught in a pedophile sex trafficking bust by the Florida police

And it’s not just a problem with low-level Disney employees either — it starts right at the top. For example, the director of music publishing at Disney, Jon Heely, was charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse in 2017.

That was not the first time that a Disney executive was busted for child sex crimes either. Disney’s chief of online properties, Patrick Naughton, was arrested and convicted in 2000 for similar crimes too. Another Disney executive, vice president Michael Laney, was convicted of sexually abusing a 7 year old girl in 2019.

E robinson