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When they demonize a world leader that doesn’t use dollars for oil trade…

 Don Bradley

They always try for some kind of photo shot, any shot, that subliminally plants the idea in your head that the leader of that country is the DEVIL. They did this with Qaddafi, Hussein, you name the enemy of the satanic central bankers.

When they want you to believe the worst kind of public person is a saint, they always frame the shot with something in the background that implants a HALO, which we unconsciously associate with goodness. I’ve seen it dozens of times on the Obuttboy POTUS with tranny “wife”, the Hilda-beast, et al. 

See what I mean? This abomination to the Almighty – as they know full well – was sold over and over to us as some kind of saint. There are hundreds of pics of this nephilim freak with halos around his head.

For example, today, they are demonizing Erdogan, because he declared that he still will not cozy up to the Federal Reserve Beast System. Also, every single country we have invaded had one thing in common…ALL OF THEM WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH DOLLARS AND A US CENTRAL BANK. All these leaders were murdered by the USA and their countries bombed into the stone age, all the while as we were bombarded as well with nonsense propaganda about how “bad they were.

The current demon of the week. They also do this to trump, by photo shopping stuff in background pics of our POTUS, so you will, on a subconscious level, believe him to be evil.

Turkish Prez Erdogan…demonized. Which means, he’s probably a decent guy.

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