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Illegal Alien Released by Sanctuary City Gets $280 Fine for Killing Two Law Enforcement Officers – $280 fine

$280 fine. That’s it. No further courts dates, or where is your insurance binder, or why were you speeding through intersection, or or or or or.

So kill a couple of people, and just pay court costs, in and out in 7 minutes. 7 MINUTES. Court costs, that’s all Jorge or Juan, or Jimenez had to pay, given he gave them a fake name, as all illegals do. If you killed two Federales in Mexico,you’d be locked up, raped, beaten near to death, on a daily basis for what’s left of your life. But not car killer. He gets to kill and kill and kill.  So all demoncrats are held liable, because they are. Which means whatever comes to them, is righteous.

If this were you or me – citizens – we would never see the light of day again. This pig is free to go to kill again. A sanctuary city is just a place where brown skinned illegals can break any law they want, and never answer for it. This monster has skipped town, and with no ID and no one looking for him because of these demoncrat laws, he’s got nothing to worry about.

That’s how bad it is in America. Frankly, Democrats and pussy hat wearing freaks are all culpable as the doer. ALL OF THEM.


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