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Water Distillation

The only proven method of removing Fluorine/fluoride from water is through distillation. No other filtration process can do this.

BTW, your body gets minerals through the plants you eat, in colloidal form. Not from water. Minerals in water are inorganic minerals and the body treats that form as waste and passes 96 percent of them out in urine. The other four percent end up as toxins in your muscles, liver, etc.

Minerals in colloidal form are treated as necessary and the body absorbs 98 percent of them using them as needed for cell repair and growth. Learn the difference.

Stop listening to all those network lies about distilled water. Your body only wants water that is clear and clean. It gets vitamins and minerals from food and juices. That’s it.

Our water supplies are poisoned with fluoride. Water distillation makes that go away. Get a water distiller and get out the poison.