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Rule 2

2) When your bro’s girlfriend inquires about his whereabouts you know nothing, always.

Many girls and girlfriends will be offended by this rule. And many more Femi-Nazi women will use this rule as an excuse to go on a rant about how all men are chauvinistic pigs. So with that disregarded, lets dive face first in to the reasoning for this rule in the bro code of life.

This rule is a fundamental bro code rule in anyone’s bro code book, because it just seems to be good bro-manship. For instance, if your bro is a guy who dates or cheats around a lot, and one of his girlfriends calls you asking where he is. Your answer could potentially endanger their relationship. So the best answer is that “I don’t know” and this is the best answer to avoid all the drama that would be involved.

If a bro needs a friend to cover for him, he would let you know ahead of time, that should his girlfriend call you, to claim that you are with him. This is where things become morally unclear for bros. The fundamental life question, “is this the right thing to do?” If you don’t feel comfortable blatantly lying for your bro, warn him of this. If he is truly a good bro he will not ask you to do something that is against your moral code.

Bros be warned, if another bro tries to guilt you into covering for him, then he is by no means a good bro. There are many different levels of bro-dom, and what you may be willing to do for a bro who has stood by you many years, you may not be willing to do for a bro you rarely see.

When a bro is up to something that he wishes to hide from his girlfriend, if he is a good bro he will either inform you that you may be called or keep you in the dark entirely. This is great bro-manship because if you are in the dark you can freely claim you know nothing of his whereabouts. And if you are forewarned then you may protect your bro as you see fit.

The bro code blog does not advocate the life style of a sleezebag. We do however condone the protection of a bro. Drama avoided by a bro being busted for whatever reason, is a good thing. As a free and true bro you have the right to pick and choose your friends. Should you choose to be around losers then so be it. The Bro Code Rules are the same no matter what.