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Vax Weapon Neo Mag Arm Band

 Vax Weapon Neo Mag Arm Band

Don Bradley

When I got the word about arm bands with mags being a solution, I immediately ordered a BUNCH of neo mags. Today they came.

You’ll need.

  • Scissors
  • duct tape
  • Neo mags, 1” diameter
  • Patience

This was quite easy to make. First step is

1. cut 5 strips of duct tape, 1.5′ in length. Set these aside, being careful to keep them separate from each other.

  1. Lay out a single strip on a counter top, sticky side up. Then lay another, overlapping one inch, sticky side up. Then continue until you get to the width you want.
  2. Along the edge and length of the thing, start laying down magnets, flipping the polarity (north vs south) as you go. This allows them to click together on the edges.
  3. Continue to the length of the tape.
  4. Start the next row above it, changing polarity as before. Everything will lay out perfectly in this fashion.
  5. Once they are laid out, nice pretty rows of magnets, cut more strips and cover, overlapping the edges when you get to the end.
  6. That’s it. You made one.