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This last week – updates

This last week


What a week. We’ve learned some heavy things we were expecting and just as quickly, here they are.

So we know the following, confirmed this week.

  1. The vax weapon is already connecting to WIFI and BLUETOOTH
  2. Scanners have broken into the software inside the victims (vics) and found horrors. Even if you are sleeping or not. There is a bracket for that. If you are driving. It knows. It reports in real time.
  3. It’s not shielded. It can be killed, the machinery part, if dealt with in a timely manner.
  4. Open line routers try to connect to vics.
  5. There are indications that rehearsals for the appearance (?) in June of “aliens” are ongoing around the world. Of course this doesn’t prove anything.
  6. The magnet thing is still blowing up on the world stage. Much to follow.
  7. There is a wave of awakening ripping through the land and people are in shock and getting angrier by the minute. I see after the shock has worn off, a great deal of rage building. We must be mindful of that and not succumb to those MOB group energies. They are being manipulated by the dark side against the very people that are expressing their outrage. Rightly so, of course. But, do not EVER feed the dragon. It’s a very bad thing.

 They have vaccine dating apps now. Swipe right to get infected with a bunch of plague nasty. Madness.

People have to know that this is both receiver and transceiver. It sends and receives. Instructions. Code updates. New versions and patches. Control of pain receptors. The works. In time, when the ventricle takeover is complete, no self will.

All the above has been demonstrated from multiple sources, as of 5-22-21. I know how overwhelming all this is. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a daily staggering mind blower. And each day reveals new horrors. This is hard on ALL of us. In fact, mostly what’s visible is a ever persistent state of shock that the worst scifi stuff of the last 50 years is actually happening. From Soylent Green to the Borg.

And the stinkers behind it, human, hybrid, and nephilim, all want to drink our children’s blood. All of them, all the children.

We are going to need all our best parts of ourselves and Divine Help to get through the rest of this year.


1. How do I know the arm band mag thing worked? Easy. Bluetooth is trying to connect to your body. After the arm band, or wrecking car magnet, no more ANYTHING trying to connect to you. They become inert. Happily.

2. The best way I found after searching and trying many things, over many years, Was capsule form EDTA, taken twice daily, removes every metal in  your body fast. 10 years ago, I had the family’s mercury fillings removed and replaced with porcelain. Then, to dump the buildup of mercury in our bones and fat cells, we did EDTA. Talk about smelling metal in your urine! Wow. When the smell of metal stopped, we stopped taking the EDTA. Of course, you HAVE to drink lots of water to get the purging stuff out, or the body recycles it back in. Also, take 50mg of Niacin every 2 hours, which doubles the width of your capillaries for easy removal by the blood, liver, kidneys. We still keep two large bottles of the stuff around. I covered this many years ago in the Juicing and Raw foods blog. PS. I am not a vegan; never have been. For us, the metal smell stopped after about 5 days of EDTA. No side effects, best and easiest chelation therapy on the market. It’s what hospitals use for heavy metal poisoning victims. FYI. DB

3. The EDTA did more than remove the mercury. It ripped out all the heavy metals: aluminum, chromium, all of it. In fact, you have to remineralize with proper organic, colloidal minerals because EDTA takes no prisoners. Your normal minerals suffer from friendly fire. They need to be replaced. So no growth hormone food for you. No soy, none of the freak molecules. Solid foods like potatoes, tomatoes, kale, spinach, plus the necessary supplements and within days a great deal of CFS sufferers will find their lives restored to whatever level of repair they have at their given age.

4. A little proof about the efficacy of magnets in killing nanobots. 


5. PFIZER LEAK Confirms death for vax weapon victims.


6. New York makes it mandatory to have vax to travel. If New Yorkers let this happen, there is no stopping the check point thing. They have to refuse to abide, en masse.