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Vaccinated man’s head combusts during Israeli vax protest

“Demonstration against the Israeli government. One of the protesters starts screaming, blowing smoke from his eyes, mouth, nose and ears. His brain burned from the inside out.

The frightened protesters try to put out the fire, which sprouts from inside the zombified man’s head, with a jacket and a bottle of water. The man is obviously dead. It looks like exothermic self-combustion, coming from the inside out.

The incident is very strange. There is another video posted here on the channel, in which two men also blow smoke from inside their heads.

Both are known to have been vaccinated. However, it appears that something inside their heads shorted out”

MAC addy can be dialed in and energy of microwaves absorbed by ONLY him…or the entire group. If they want to. This is your NWO order.

Obey or die, horribly.